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I Like My New Neighborhood

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Yup, they’re chickens.


They were just hanging out on top of these hedges. Dave had to point them out to me, because somehow, he is always better at spotting animals or weird things when we are out. Because, who expects chickens on hedges?


They were all hunkered down and fluffed out against the cold. And they were funny looking. And they made chicken noises as soon as I took out my camera. This yard had ducks and a goat too.

These weren’t even the first chickens we saw on our walk. We saw a big rooster hanging out next to a big 1970s Impala with shiny rims. I’m not kidding.

North Portland is overrun with poultry.


  1. So, no problems then deciding where to get your Christmas dinner, eh?

  2. Evidently, they’re hard to catch. Some friends who live around to corner said they found a lost chicken wandering in their yard. This would only happen in North Portland. They tried to collect it, but I guess rustling chickens isn’t as easy as it might seem.

    I mean, they have beaks! And feet! And they make chicken noises!

  3. Rustling chickens is quite a task. They’re fast mofos.
    I saw those exact chickens roosting on that bushfence a couple of weeks ago at night. They totally freaked me out – I thought they were statues or something. Maybe I should start wearing my glasses all the time. Hrmph.

  4. O.M.G. – they are so cute!

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