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Oooooh. Aaaaaah.

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Last night after work, it was pouring rain. We were just happy it is in the 40s instead of in the 20s.  I’ll take sopping wet in the 40s over crystal clear, but bitterly cold any day. Last night was good, proper Portland winter weather. It was really, really raining.

What a perfect night to go walk around outside. We nabbed our friends Justin and Katie to go see festive Peacock Lane. Because I am a total dork for holiday lights. And I love that I have friends who will come out and do dorky stuff with us, even in the pouring rain.

But first, of course, we needed a beer. We are all dainty rugged and hardcore about cold and rain, but we hoped to wait out a thicker part of the deluge at Horse Brass Pub. There is no better place on the planet to wait out rain, have a pint and nosh on a plate of fish and chips. Horse Brass is an institution and one of our perennial favorites.  They arguably have the best fish and chips in town. And because I’m a girl, I get a double chocolate stout. Fricken yum, y’all.

After a good session at Horse Brass, and catching up with our friends, it seemed the rain had let up a little.


It was a “pedestrian only” first night on Peacock Lane. Peacock Lane even has a Wikipedia page.


Giant Lite Brite. Awesome.


There’s a map to get here on the street’s website.


I’m a dork for holiday lights.





For the record, my favorite Christmas song is Holly Jolly Christmas sung by Burl Ives at the end of Rudolph.


  1. I HOPE HOPE HOPE we can bring you guys to see Sleepy Hollow!!! Certainly not as many colors but neighborhood after neighborhood of trees, dripping with lights!! I love me some lights!!

  2. I love Peacock Lane! Thanks for the pictures

  3. Great pics! Lots of fun. Thanks again for the invite!

  4. I didn’t know about the pedestrian only night! Monsters will definitely want to go then since we don’t enjoy all the noise and pollution!

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