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Happy Holidays, Dave Knows!

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May your website traffic be merry and bright…





Happy holidays, sweetie!


  1. No way! That’s awesome!

  2. OMG!!!!! That’s sooo cool!!!!!

  3. That is the sweetest gift ever!

  4. For the blogger who has everything.

    Coolest gift I’ve seen this year. Hands down.

  5. That RULES! I’m forwarding this to my wife as the least disguised hint ever.

  6. Saw this on my way to work this morning and thought, Wow! Now that I know it was a gift, I think WOWEEEE!

  7. Ok, now I’m thinking of poor Dave and his holiday gift conundrum….

  8. This is so awesome. What a wonderful girlfriend! I want a Bridget billboard now!

  9. omg, you are like the BEST girlfriend evar, Heather. Major props to you – I just hope Dave has something equally as awesome in store for you soonly. ^_^

  10. He’s the best boyfriend! Really!

  11. Suh weet!

  12. Holy Cow!! Heather you are so cool. What the hell is Dave going to do now? He took you to a rodeo in Elko, whats left? I am sure that big diamond tiara he got for you is now hidden under the pillow while he is racking his brain for The Gift….. Dave knows Portland, does he know gifts?

  13. That. Is. Awesome.

  14. Awesome. Simply awesome.

  15. Best. Gift. Ever.

  16. so awesome!

  17. That rocks! What an awesome idea… How long does it get to stay on the bus?

  18. for the guy who has everything….
    you rock Heather!

  19. The ads will be up for at least a month, and after that, as long as there is space for them. They’ll be used as filler, so they could be up indefinitely!

    Dave’s no slouch in the gift department. This was last year’s gift. This was this year’s gift.

    Some women like Tiffany’s. Some women like Apple.

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