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These are some of the search terms people have used to arrive at this sight. I swear, each one of these are fully authentic and true.

red beret roasters coffee

teetering boobs

“reason with a crazy person”

victorian kitchens checkerboard floors

Portland is awesome


becoming a fantasy salesperson

3 letter abbreviation portland

cat blogging

employee appreciation day theme song

calculating number of cans in pyramid

street parking puddle freeze

career: graphic novelist artist

donkey lawn statues from mexico

does yoga take away the smile lines on face

oregon tweekers

newcomers unwelcome in small town

mulnomah falls hike calorie

drinking wine

325i convertible white oregon

star trek computer voice

do something random every day

girls driving topless

Hawaiian for newcomers

what do children think of a volcanic eruption

boob fund jar

stinky pottery barn rugs

public transportation boob flashing pictures

“Salad World” portland

curvy traffic hazards

boobs on accountants

2 pints to get tipsy

“green design” AND “careers”

california stylelife

miles possible with full tank of gasoline

spendy pricey

writing on boobs

cat ate rhododendron flower

humans are not meant to work

sneeze yawn to catch a heart beat

cat poops pukes everywhere

“my darling Clementine” stadium bonfire

portland garden blog

“driving topless” pic

“poop smells like soup”


doo doo happens

It is quite likely that every one of these poor souls arrived here and were disappointed.

But who actually searches for the term “Boob Fund Jar” unless they know me?


  1. Maybe *now* you’ll blog more about donkey lawn statues from mexico.

    And boobs.

    But that goes without saying.

  2. Well, of COURSE a Google search on “mulnomah falls hike calorie” returns NOW! It’s on your front page!

    But I don’t remember you writing previously on Mile73 about how you insulted Sheik Mulnomah in the 80s and destabilized Lebanon. Or about your Nobel Prize in Physiology for identifying the “Falls-Hike Calorie.”

    Are there pages I’m not seeing?

  3. I came here for the boobs

  4. I didn’t know you were keeping tabs on my search terms. Kinda embarrassing.

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