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Why Christmas Is Awesome At My House

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Christmas is awesome at my house because it has been exactly the same since I was four years old, or, however old I was when I realized that Christmas was awesome.

I go home to my parents’ house for the holidays. I am in my mid thirties. When my sister and I wake up on Christmas morning, we get out of bed and go to the living room to see the Christmas tree. We rub our eyes with our tiny fists, blink, blink, and see there is a pile of presents under the tree just like Santa came! Presents! Yay!

And just like when we were kids, we disassemble our stockings as we wait for mum and dad to wake up. We immediately start stuffing our faces with chocolate and play with the toys in our stockings. And yes, there are toys. And sometimes booze. Just like when we were kids.

Eventually, after an agonizingly long time, (agonizing! because there are presents! to open!), we sometimes have to set the dogs on my parents to wake them up, (Why are they so tired? Like they stayed up late or something?), and they schlep out of bed and head straight for the coffee. Also just like when we were young, we know not to speak to my mum until after her first coffee. This is maybe the single most highly enforced rule in our house.

After everyone is conscious enough, we all sit in the living room and my dad serves as the Present MC, tossing out presents to anyone with empty hands. We listen to the Boston Pops Christmas album because it is the best by far. And we have an uncle playing a trumpet in there somewhere. We each take turns unwrapping and ooooh and aaaaah over each item.

The only major difference between Christmas morning when I was four years old, and Christmas morning now, is that my sister and I also drink coffee, and now we bring boys home with us.

I hear how other families spend their Christmas, like, “We can’t open presents until Grandmother gets here,” or “We can’t open presents until after church.” Ulg. There’s none of that bullshit at our house. If Grandma isn’t there at the crack of ass in the morning, she is going to miss out on presents.

If I have kids, I’ll probably do everything exactly the same. Even the “don’t talk to me before my coffee” rule.


  1. Yay, I can’t wait!

  2. Boys!! For Christmas!! And coffee!! And puppies!!

  3. You neglected to mention a couple crucial customs. First; There must be a “real” tree. Suggestions in the past for using an artificial tree have caused horrified reactions. Second; Chinese food must be consumed on Christmas Eve because as we all know Mary and Joseph stopped at Chinese takeout on the way to the manger.

  4. That’s so cool. I’m glad there are still some magical Christmas things going on in some people’s lives/homes. Have a great one – you and your sister and your boys and your excellent parents!

  5. I’m with Dad, it ain’t Christmas Eve without Chinese food…. though pizza will suffice in a pinch if it’s after 6pm and the Chinese joint is closed.

    After reading that I’m suddenly feeling very nostalgic.

    Merry Christmas to you and the boy you took home. And enjoy your coffee.

  6. Hope you had an awesome christmas at your house and that you are having a great time at Disney!

    I have to admit, I got pretty teary eyed at your post here – reminds me so much of what my christmas days were like growing up and even for a year or two in college. Just wish sometimes they could still be like that although it’s hard when you get older as people are gone, moved away, or just don’t have a desire to keep those traditions alive.

    I read this and am filled with hope that some families keep to those traditions – it’s inspiring. Thank you for sharing this Heather!

  7. Thanks, guys! Christmas was great. I love that our family’s tradition has not changed. As we get older, we may add little ones, and it may be harder for us all to get together. But I’m guessing we will still get Chinese food for Christmas Eve, and dad will still get the jumbo jug of Crown Royal on Christmas morning.

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