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Naked Midnight Bike Riding

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I was in bed at midnight last Saturday. It had been a beautiful day that day and the windows were open, letting in the breeze from this first summer night.

Usually, I wear earplugs when I sleep. Because I live in an over-trendy neighborhood and the bars and restaurants are usually loud enough to keep bears awake in Canada. And also, because I live in a studio and the cat has free reign through the apartment. And sometimes he builds grand sand castles in his litter box during the night. And then he plays with his Barbies in the castles. I’m not lying.

And as I was drifting off, I thought I heard cheering. Like from a sporting event. Not dozens or hundreds, but THOUSANDS of people. Somewhere off in the distance. It wasn’t from a TV next door, the cheering was coming from outside. But it was midnight. Who could possibly be cheering at that time of night? I wondered about it as much as a semi-conscious person can, then forgot about it.

Turns out, there WERE thousands of people cheering at midnight. And they were all NAKED. And riding bicycles.

I am not lying.

Naked Bike Ride – Portland, OR from Jonathan Maus on Vimeo.

Goddammit! Well, NOW I know that if I hear thousands of people cheering in the middle of the night in this town, I should go out and see because everyone might be naked.

People are sort of INTO bikes in Portland. Read more about Pedalpalooza going on now. Read more from

Watch your mirrors when you drive in Portland. Bikers are everywhere.


  1. And, oh, BTW, I love Portland.

  2. Meredith says

    I heard about that, didn’t realize it was in Portland. Sounds painful. Or fun.

  3. OK, now you’re *deliberately* trying to attract perverted search terms to your blog, aren’t you?

  4. wouldn’t that chafe?

  5. Chafing is not a problem surprisingly. This is the 2nd year I’ve done it and it is absolutely the most fun you will ever have on a bicycle. I highly recommend it.

  6. Lol, fun!
    When I was a kid in Leominster, there was a guy who would ride around the neighborhood on his 10-speed with no pants… but I don’t think that was the same thing…..

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