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Gittin’ This Show on the Road

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So I’m moving to Portland. I had been thinking about Albuquerque also. I like the desert, butte mountains and cactus. I have a fantasy of building a thick-walled, adobe, straw bale house one day. Sony will be moving people to ABQ in the summer. The timing is not so great. It’s been nice visiting with my family, and imposing upon friends to buy me food and alcohol because I’m broke. But I can’t do that for half a year. While it’s been quite nice for me, I can only expect the collective alcohol welfare to last so long.

I don’t have a job in Portland yet. I’m sending out resumes, and I’m in touch with the temp agency. I don’t have an apartment either. I’m looking at furnished sublets and talking to property management companies. The plan is to finish the rental application process before arriving, so I can maybe breeze in, look at some available places and sign a lease. Then buy a bed, and some plates, maybe. Some throw pillows. Because I have no furniture. I think a might have a sleeping bag.

While looking for apartments and jobs, I’ll likely be staying at a hotel. Hopefully, for less than a week. There are short-term housing places, but many don’t allow pets. And I have a cat.

So. Job. Apartment. In a week. Wish me luck.

I have procrastinated on setting a date to leave because all these things are up in the air. It would be nice to have these things settled a little. The nightmare scenario is getting up there, getting the hotel and NOT finding an apartment or job. And not having a place to go. And not being able to afford the yarn to keep crocheting blankets to keep me warm when I’m homeless.

But these are all things that don’t get easier with the passage of time. I can’t really get an apartment without being there. I can’t really start working without being there, though I have come very close to achieving that with past jobs. It doesn’t make sense to delay.

It’s hard to leave, of course, when your friends buy you food and drinks. And your parents take care of you when you are sick. Goodbye is hard.

I think I’m hitting the road Sunday morning. I keep saying “I think” in case I lose my nerve.


  1. so didja go? :)

  2. What’s up Heather!

    I’m almost done with Beowulf!

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