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When I Turn My Computer Off

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I do other stuff.

Kinda weird, huh? It’s a canvas painted blue, thumbtacks I painted orange, and white circles I cut out of paper.

$30, and an afternoon. I got the idea from over here, but I didn’t want to use doilies. Doilies are offensive.

Sometimes it’s terrifically relaxing to just NOT crack my laptop every second I get. I actually get other stuff accomplished. There a whole other world out there besides the internet! Really!

Also, as I was looking for some paper to cut out circles, I found an old sketch pad. On the front page, was a sort of Candy Land road map of the events I wished to take place in the next ten years. I drew this sometime in 2006 when I had such a psycho abusive boss, I needed therapy and antidepressants. This was one of the exercises my “life coach” assigned for me.

You can click on this to make it bigger. See my little smiley face and my kitty in the upper left? We had places to go. At the time, I knew I wanted to leave Los Angeles (represented by camping in Joshua Tree), but I wasn’t sure where I was going to move to. I just knew I was moving somewhere. That little drawing in the upper right looks a little like Portland, doesn’t it? I planned to save money, get settled into my new city, and get the car I wanted within two years.

It’s now been three years since I envisioned this map. Besides a year long detour through Hawaii, and a couple items happening out of sequence, all this shit has pretty much happened. I have 2 more years to start a business, and seven before I have a house and stick figure family. Totally fricken DOABLE.

I remember this was a fun little exercise. I recommend it. It will freak your shit out when you discover it years later and you got everything you wanted.


  1. Neat! Neat non-doily design! Looks big! What room did you put it? And nice road map. Kind of funny where things take you…

  2. Your goals are not only nicely illustrated, but also quite realistic — although you might have to go back to LA to find a stick figure family.

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