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Scenes from “Did You Kiss Anyone?”

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Would you believe me if I said Mike Vogel (sorry, here) runs around, smacking his lips, smoking cigars, saying, “Kid, I’m gonna make you a star!” We could only hope! We recently had the privilege of visiting the set of Mike’s latest project, “Did You Kiss Anyone?

This is Bryce Flint-Somerville and Mercedes Rose between takes. That’s Mike and Cole Wagoner in the background. The sequence was a bunch of fun scenes where Mercedes’ character flirts and comes on to Bryce’s character in increasingly lascivious ways. You know what Naked Twister probably is. But do you know what doing a Balmy Mandrill is? Can you do a Fisherman’s Friend standing up? And not vomit after? I learned a lot today.

It was fun to see good material performed well, and with talent and gusto. How fun it must be to play a total slutty slutbag. I think Bryce got slapped a dozen times. (He’s a pervert.)

Here’s Brian behind the camera and Mike in a bike shirt. He’s a little weird with the bike thing.

Dave and I were extras in the bar. I wore a low cut shirt and I think my boobs should get a credit.

Thanks for having us, Mike!


  1. Thanks for hanging out yesterday!

    “Total slutty slutbag” is now going to be my go-to description for characters like that.

    I haven’t watched the footage yet, but depending on screen time, each boob is eligible for a credit.

  2. Kewl Beenz!!

  3. It was nice meeting yourself and Dave! Great pics

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