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It’s Hottttttt.

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97 degrees Saturday. 94 degrees Sunday. I moved to the Arctic Circle (which Oregon is a part of) to get away from this hot weather bull crap. Nothing to do but lay in bed, eat Hood strawberries with ice cream and moan about the heat. Which is just what I did all weekend. I’m perfecting the nasal intonation of my whine to ensure maximum insufferabilty.

It’s hottttttt.

This just in…it was 100 degrees Saturday. A record breaker. It’s hotttttt.


  1. Let’s hear it for noooooo air conditionerrrrrr. Whew. Glad the rain and cool air came. Now I can have a complete thought besides, “Hey. It’s hot.”

  2. shut up, whiner. try 111, or 105, or 107. the locals tell me that all of august will be 118. yippee. i cannot believe i didn’t take this seriously before i moved here.

  3. oh and another thing. AC is great, but the bill is $400. and you still have to leave at some point to get food. cuz you can’t afford delivery with that AC bill.

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