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Holy Crap! More Excitement!

Okay, you know me, and you know I don’t cuss a lot on this blog. Because potty mouth is the language of the inarticulate. But holy fucking shitballs this is an exciting week for friends with creative projects. First we have Mike “SNOW!” Vogel screening The Waiting List. Then our friend Devlyn allowed Dave and me to come on the debut of her new radio show on And I talked about gelatinous potato globs from my childhood.

And now! Fricken NOW, after almost two years of diligent planning and patient waiting, our good, dear, wonderful friends Justin and Katie have secured their dream location for their coffee and record bar Hall of Records.

So peep this, yo. Don’t we all have a fantasy of owning our own business? Being your own boss? Opening your own coffee shop? Selling jazz, soul and funk to the adoring masses? Are you ready to live the dream? Because they are making it happen over on Belmont St.

Justin and Katie arrived in Portland almost two years ago with a with a vision, a boatload of energy and solid business plan. They immediately set out to find a location for their store. Within a month of living in town, they knew Portland better than I did. They got settled in, and learned the real estate and restaurant “scene.” They saw lots of places with potential, but nothing that felt like it was the “one.”

That was mid to late 2008. You might remember late 2008 as the time that Wall Streeters were getting their sad faces plastered on websites. Remember that? And none of us knew what it all meant? We already knew the economy was sucking, but from the looks of the sad guys and the panic in the government, we all sort of got a feeling that the economy just crapped itself.

So Justin and Katie waited. It was apparent they dodged a bullet by riding out that storm. They eventually found a location they knew would be perfect. And they knew that with time, it might become available to them. You know how long they waited? A long fricken time. As they continued to network and research and throw record parties, Katie discovered she has a knack for writing business plans. She made herself a nice side business consulting for other small business owners. And they continued to wait.

And eventually, finally, the pieces began to fall into place. And when it started coming together, it happened all very quickly. They got the keys to their store on Feb 1. They aim to open in April or May.

What an enormous amount of patience to have waited so long, and more importantly, wait for just what they wanted. It would have been easy and safe for them to take “jobs” while they looked for locations. But it would have taken away the time Katie used to develop the business. I have no doubt that their hard work, positive attitude and singularity of purpose “manifested” their dreams.

Are you listening to this? Because I’m not spiritual and I’m pretty “meh” on foo-foo-self-help-Oprah stuff. But shit. I am watching it happen. They made it happen. And they are the nicest, most likable people you could ever hope to meet. You would so, so pick them to be on your kickball team.

I could not be more excited for them. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Follow them at The Creation of a Record Bar and get yourself some fly wax beats at Justin’s blog Dusty Nuggets.

For the record: Katie does not have a mustache. Justin does sometimes.


  1. Yay! Congrats to them! I’ve been unable to make it to their parties for one reason or another, but I’m totally excited for the new location.

  2. Nicest post EVER! Thanks Mile 73!
    Portland just wouldn’t be the same without you and Dave Knows in our lives.

  3. WOWWEEEE!!!! I’ve been hearing about the progress through Heather and am so happy to hear it’s happeneing!!! Congrats and hope to see this new developement next time I visit!!!!

  4. Yay for people I don’t know! Hopefully they will put a pinball machine in their record store and I will pay them a visit when I’m in town!

  5. from someone who has started and closed a few “my own business” ‘s, it sounds like you are doing all the right things. I am waaaaaaay too impatient to do it the right way, so have had mixed results on the “success” end of things =). congrats on sticking to your plan and getting what you wanted. I hope your venture is all you want it to be. go vinyl!!

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