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Jobs, Apartments and Kitties

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I’m looking for apartments. And a job. And freezing my ass off. More on this soon. But first, a movie of a cat with a cup on her face:

Keetah With A Cup On Her Face from Mile73 on Vimeo.

This is Keetah, my sister’s cat. This was a trick she performed herself. My sister and I are artists, and we had this cup leftover for dipping our paint brushes. We were minding our own business when this goofy cat walked in with the cup on her face. It is a rare and treasured party trick. I am forever irritated that I didn’t record the last action of the cat popping her face back in the cup. All by herself.

I’m posting this, not to add legitimacy to the nasty rumors that I am a spinster librarian with dead cats in her freezer. Because I don’t have a freezer right now. Okay?

I am posting this because Keetah has suddenly become very sick. She began limping a few weeks ago, and after an x-ray, it was determined that she may have cancer. The vet isn’t sure yet. In a best-case scenario, the cancer will not have metastasized, they will amputate her leg and she will live a long, happy, face-in-cup life. We will call her Tripod. Or Gimpy. Or something else thoughtful and sensitive.

It has already cost over $1500 just for tests. It will cost up to $3000 to amputate her leg. She may need chemo after also. Poor sick kitty.

So if you have a pet, give them some love when you get home. They are fragile and fleeting.

If you can’t get enough cup-on-face action, here is another clip of her picking fights with my cat:

Keetah and Dinger Throw Down from Mile73 on Vimeo.

Perhaps it was a lack of oxygen.


  1. I’m sorry to hear about that :-(

  2. Keetah is scheduled to have her surgery Saturday night. She’s doing good, and I also approve of the name, “Skippy.”

  3. Even with a missing leg, tripod (Keetah) can still kick Dinger’s ass!!!

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