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End Of The List

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I’ve had some extra time as of late because I called in sick to work because I was sick. We spent the past weekend at home, working on projects, doing laundry, and eating soup. And by the end of the weekend, I felt pretty caught up.

Now, wait. At any given time, I probably have a few dozen things I SHOULD be working on, each with varying levels of urgency. I’ve been building some websites for my employer. I’m working on our own websites. I have a couple logos I need to finish. I’m helping my sister design her wedding invitations. I have a book I should work on for my next book club. There’s always laundry and cleaning the bathroom.

But after three or four days of being sick and not leaving the house, and not really doing anything but eating soup and having my face buried in my laptop, I’m feeling, sort of, caught up. It’s weeeeird. I don’t know what to do with myself.

It doesn’t mean everything is done. I still have a quite a few things to do. But I’m stuck on a logo, for instance, because I’m not a very good cartoonist. I need to draw something cartoony for a logo and I’m stuck. What this means is that I will procrastinate until I pick up a pen again later and draw something (probably crappy), and because sufficient time has elapsed, or I’m impatient and sick of waiting, whatever I draw will be “good enough.” I wrote every single paper in college using this same procrastination technique.

So I still have stuff to do, but I’ve had too much free time to get it done. I got all the stuff that was on my “urgent list” done. Now maybe I could work on some back burner stuff, but, I have too much free time. You know what happens then? I go look at baby animals. Or we actually watched a movie last night for the first time in months. I don’t know if you know this, but Dave has a huge, huge crush on Humphry Bogart.

After an ongoing list of various projects, it’s a bit disconcerting to get to the bottom. Like, what am I supposed to be doing? Where am I? And at the bottom of the list, is usually all the fun stuff that I put off in favor of more pressing obligations. So I have a few fun things that I’m poking at. But without the weight of other obligations, that whole procrastination thing kicks in. You see how that works?

I think it means it’s time to maybe close the laptop and get out of the house. My brain needs oxygen.


  1. Ha ha – Dave loves a man. I think I mentioned before on my blog that I’m whatever the opposite of a procrastinator is. I would probably lose my mind if I didn’t have stuff done well ahead of deadline.

  2. Lists, ah yes, home lists, work lists, wedding lists, health lists, cleaning lists. How nice it is to cross something off any list.

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