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Driving Without Directions

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I can’t be the only one to do this. I hop in the car to drive someplace unfamiliar and forget to get detailed directions. Or maybe I drove somewhere once a long time ago and I vaguely remember how to get there. I seem to do this remarkably often. I don’t realize I don’t know where I’m going until I’m halfway there.

I had such an instance last night where I was driving to the library in North Portland. I had not been to this library. But I knew it was on Killingsworth. And somehow, that’s all I needed to know in order for me to feel like I “knew” how to get there. I didn’t check the actual address. All I needed was the street. I was not thinking any further ahead, but I guess I planned on just driving down the road until I found the library.

And that may work occasionally, but I do this all the time. Most times I go someplace unfamiliar. During such instances, I’m in the car by myself and I don’t mind if I’m turned around, or if I have to go back, or if I run late. But if I were someone else in my car, I’d quickly become infuriated with me. Perhaps this one habit explains my whole life.

But now! Oh, technology! I have an iPhone, and I can get in the car and completely lose my mind if I wanted, and my phone will still tell me where to go. Or in a pinch, I can call someone and ask them to Google where I’m going. I love, love, love when technology develops to reinforce my bad habits.

Or, I could stop and ask for directions. But you know, meh. I’ve gotten along okay so far.


  1. Ask dad where you got this habit…

  2. Uncle Jamie says

    Seems to me the last time I rode shotgun with you ,
    you made the people behind us cock their heads to the left
    and say WTF is she doing! remember the bank detour?
    Anyway,congrats are inorder I hear for you too?
    I guess “driving without directions” about sums up marriage too!!

  3. i LOVE my iPhone for just this reason. the map app was a major selling feature. and i never use 411 anymore. just type the biz name in the map app, and it gives me the phone number. technology is sometimes very awesome.

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