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Yay For Booze!

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About 44 days ago, we started making 44 Cordial. On St Patrick’s Day, we did the grand unveiling.

We removed the orange spiked with coffee beans, got a funnel, and poured the cordial through a coffee filter. There were remnants of coffee beans and orange floaties to filter out.

The cordial had been silver rum. Now 44 days later, it was a warm honey color. Science is cool.

I thought I got the correct size bottle to fill with 44 ounces of rum, 44 teaspoons of sugar, and whatever was extracted from the orange and coffee beans. It just barely fit. I think it all expanded.

We had just enough extra to have a few sips. We poured it in a glass and let it chill in the freezer for a couple minutes.

The results were better than we were expecting. It tasted a lot like what we had at Lincoln earlier this year. All the sugar made it smooth and syrupy instead of abrasive and fiery like you might expect with cheap rum. And the flavor was both sweet orange and warm coffee at the same time. I almost felt like the coffee flavor wasn’t strong enough. And I began thinking of all the variables, like stronger beans, more beans, darker roast, etc.

But for a first outing, we are quite pleased with our results. Next time, we may try pears with brandy, or vodka with vanilla beans, or later in the summer, homemade limoncello. Not that we have a problem with booze or anything. We don’t. WE DON’T.

Yay, booze!


  1. Oooh, that looks lovely! Might this make an appearance at a certain St. Unicorn’s day party?

  2. No! Not sharing, Devlyn!

  3. Boooo!!!

  4. Okay, maybe we will share a little. You did give us a few bottle of home brew, didn’t you?

  5. How about peach? I had peach moonshine and for some reason I can see peach and coffee together like this, but maybe only like this. How about a little poured over some vanilla bean ice cream? In cute, little sake glasses. My brain is on creative overload because of the wedding. Sorry.

  6. Speaking of people with a problem with booze, is there a recipe for Cordial 7 or Cordial .25?

  7. Uncle Jamie says

    How about starting with a dark rum instead of silver?
    Black Seal burmuda rum maybe?

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