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The Good, The Bad, The Frustrating

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Okay, The Good: Healthcare reform. I came out of my weeks-long, self-imposed political news boycott to get up to speed on what our esteemed political leaders have in store for us. I’m about as progressive as they come, so I am frustrated that there no public option yet. But some kind of reform passed, and I think it was necessary, however lukewarm it may currently be. If reform was defeated now, I don’t believe we would see major changes to our healthcare system for another ten years or longer.

But now, I need to crawl back to my political-news-free cave, because I just can’t take the ridiculousness of it. I don’t care to be uninformed, but I can’t get over the frenzy of venom, outrage, and hysteria. These are adults. I think. Rational human beings, I would hope. Not baboons. But um, no. Some backwoods citizen with a screw loose, or a group of citizens with a bunch of screws loose, are going to tip over the edge and blow something up. And why not? They are taking their cues from the media and our leaders.

Sorry. I don’t mean to be a downer. Yay for healthcare.

Okay, really, here’s The Bad: Someone broke into one of my goddamned email accounts. I hear that happens all the time. But it’s never happened to me. I’m pretty sure I’m not Paris Hilton or Sarah Palin. Thankfully, it was an email account that I use as a spam depository. An account I use for airline stuff, Amazon, registering for stupid websites, etc. But someone got in and sent spam to everyone on my address list. This was fewer than a dozen people. But still a pain in the ass. And kind of creepy.

I went in and changed my password and made sure my settings hadn’t been altered. I’m not sure how they got in. I’m not a n00b. I don’t click on stoopid stuff. There’s nothing indicating I have a virus on any of my computers. I couldn’t find the outgoing spams in my outbox. I don’t know how they did it. They sent a message with a link to a Canadian pharmacy. Has anyone ever bought anything from a “Canadian pharmacy?” I’d go to Mexico for drugs before I went to Canada.

Finally, The Frustrating. You’ve probably heard me talk about my cholesterol. I can’t shut up about it. Dave and I have radically altered our diets, going from eating whatever we want, to eating healthy shit. Oh! The suffering! The tater tot craving! The cheese I am not stuffing my face with! Donuts! It hurts! It hurts!

It, really, actually, honestly, hasn’t been that bad. We are eating more veggies. I have discovered that I love squash. Butternut, spaghetti, summer. Yum. We are eating less meat, and when we do eat meat, it’s super lean. And more than anything, we are paying attention to saturated fat. Just watching our saturated fat takes away any confusion or complicated choices. If something is high in saturated fat, we don’t eat it. That is all.

I’m doing this because my cholesterol was stupid high, and for various reasons, I wanted an alternative to going on drugs for the rest of my life. If you go on a statin, you’re on it for good. If these lifestyle changes don’t bring my cholesterol down to healthy levels, I’ll consider medication. Even my doctor said it would be crazy to hop on drugs at this point in my life.

The added benefit of cutting out the fat from our diets is that both Dave an I have been losing weight. It happened rather suddenly. Two weeks into Eating Healthy, I was beginning to get impatient for some kind of “sign” that I was on the right track. I don’t have the moral fortitude to be virtuous without some kind of goddamned reward.

At three weeks, it felt like my clothes were fitting looser. I got a scale and I had lost a few pounds! And because I’m obsessive, I weighed myself everyday and it seemed like I was losing almost a half pound every day. Holy crap! In five weeks, I was down about eight or nine pounds. Fuck, yeah, I’m losing weight over here, motherfuckers!

We are continuing to eat a low fat diet and it is both easy and hard at the same time. I like the food we are eating, but I am constantly hungry. And when I am hungry, I dream of big plates of pasta. And tater tots. But then I eat some brown rice or some oatmeal or some lean ground turkey, or some healthy soup and I stop being hungry for oh, two hours. I am trying to remember to snack on healthy stuff, and drink a ton of water.

But, frustrating: I seemed to have stopped losing weight at the rate I was losing just a couple weeks ago. And it’s pissing me off. The changes we have made are fairly major, but they don’t feel like a huge sacrifice yet. I was pleased to have made these changes and see the weight come off. But now I have hit a plateau, and I wonder what I am going to have to do next. We have been concentrating on the fat. Now, do we have to eat smaller portions? Less sugar? Less carbs? Fucking exercise? Gah!

I was hoping this would be easy. But it may turn out to be hard. Booo.


  1. healthcare. my issue is that i do not want to be penalized with a fine because i don’t have healthcare. i don’t have healthcare becuz i can’t afford it. so now i still won’t be able to afford healthcare AND i won’t be able to pay the fine. it just seems ass-backwards. until the insurance companies are held accountable for their rates i don’t see how any solution can be fair.

    dieting. plateaus happen. be patient, it will start coming off again. eating smaller meals every couple hours actually ramps up your metabolism. when your stomach growls think og it as burning calories. that is how i get through it.

    congrats on the lost poundage!!

  2. I just got a spam email with the title: Usa DrugStore Best Price!

    Is this spam for Canadians/Mexicans? Now that we have health care they’re going to want our drugs?

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