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Tulip Fest 2010

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We had been planning for weeks to go to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest. Today was the last day. We’re not procrastinators. We’re not! Okay, we are, but at least we actually went.

This post is going to take a while to load, because I put the photos in all super huge and big, for your huge viewing pleasure.

We got some breakfast in town and hit the road before 10 in the morning. We weren’t sure if the flowers would still even be there. But thankfully, they were. We were surprised at how few people seemed to be there at that hour. We just figured it was the last day and the festival was winding down.

We took a quick stroll by the festival tents, the pony rides and the half dozen bouncy castles they had for the kids. We made note of the sausage carts and the beer on tap, then headed to the tulip fields.

They had four steam powered tractors lined up. They were burning wood and it smelled like campfire. I love in the photo above, the dads with their kids on their arms. Tractors and engines never get old for boys.

These tractors were 100 years old. Dave remarked that those are the types of machines that could blow up and stuff. They fired one up and took it out into the fields. It had a whistle like a steam train. It steered with chains that pulled on one side of the front axle or the other.

As you might expect, forty acres of tulips was a pretty amazing sight.

I didn’t photoshop any of these photos. It was not cloudy, but a little overcast and hazy. And a few of the shots I took were right into the sun. This was the kind of day I wished I had a real camera.

I have come to appreciate the spring season so much more since moving to Oregon. Spring seems to last for half the year. In February, I know to be on the lookout for the first green shoots in Portland yards and gardens. They are the first signs of spring. And they are frequently daffodils and tulips.

These dark purple tulips looked almost black from a distance. The sunlight disappeared into the depth of these flowers. The various colors were arranged in stripes. This was probably a good idea from an organizational or agricultural perspective. But it was fun to see the colors in riotous carnival stripes.

Don’t get to see this every day.

These flowers above are the color of my wedding dress. Because a white wedding dress would be, um, false advertising.

As we made out way back to the festival tents, we realized the place was filling up. We got ourselves a Fricadelwurst which we enjoyed at the Mt Angel Wurst Fest last year. I realized we also saw the same wood caving dude there too.

What a goddamned wholesome day. We’ll try to make it earlier next year and remind people to go. It’s a spectacle.


  1. Wow!!! Love tulips!!! Love the purple ones!!!! My wedding dress is ivory, gramma will be at the wedding.

  2. Awesome photos, I love the layers of color from the different tulips, what a fun experience!

  3. do the tractors actually cut the tulips? and if so, why don’t they get all jacked up? tulips are fantastic. i tried to buy bulbs in amsterdam when we were there, but they said it wasn’t the right time of year to buy bulbs. boogers. i think they just didn’t want me to have authentic amsterdam tulips in my yard. great photos.

  4. Cool Heather!

  5. Our tulip festival starts May 7th. People from all over the country come to look at our tulips. I don’t get it. Tulips are pretty easy to grow yourself.

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