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Hello Summer

If you live in or near Portland, you were beginning to think summer was never going to arrive, didn’t you? After all these weeks of overcast skies, I heard even native Oregonians bellyaching about the weather. I have come to understand that the threat of regular rain does not completely dissipate until July 5, you know, when all the fun is over.

But two days ago, summer arrived. It only took about 15 minutes. On Saturday morning, after having been overcast in Portland for seven months, suddenly, resoundingly, it was not. Within an hour, it was 80 degrees, and within 2 hours, I had my inaugural farmer sunburn of the season.

This was a good weekend for the sun to arrive. The Rose Parade, which we studiously avoid, was this weekend, as well as a slew of other Rose Festival events. Our neighborhood was hoping with Cirque du Cycling, which we also largely avoided. We’re not really into huge crowds, unless we are really drunk. We spent most of Saturday lounging around and eating BBQ at a friend’s house. We caught a little of the the race as cyclists blazed around the side streets. Regrettably, the hot sun had already seeped into my brain (as well as a few ciders) and I forgot my camera. Dave took a little video. You can go watch it and see why I’m not including it here.

Sunday, my arms and neck were bright pink from being in the sun. This normally is not a huge issue. But this season, I have to “manage” the amount of sun I get, and where I get the sun, when I inevitably burn. I have a bunch of weddings to go to later this summer. And I will have various dresses and straps and arms and other things hanging out that will make a farmer tan look really, really dumb. I have been told I would likely not get arrested in Portland if I went topless, as long as I was not behaving in a lascivious manner. But don’t boobs = lascivious? I’d rather not find out.

Sunday morning, we lathered up the sunscreen, which I hate and it made me die a little on the inside. We headed over to Westmoreland for the Milk Carton Boat Race. We went last year and had a blast. This year, probably because the weather was warm and sunny, there were a TON of people.

Or more likely, they were probably all there, as we were, to see our friend Mike Vogel in the race.

Kids, note the safety helmet. Mike is setting a good example of wise precautionary safety measures while milk carton boating.

As we awaited the race with other members of the lovely Vogel Clan, we enjoyed ourselves some complimentary root beer floats, chocolate milk and yogurt. It was a lactose extravaganza. I hypothesized that root beer tastes like wintergreen. Dave Knows did not agree.

You know what’s cool about Mike? He’s a fricken DOER. He’s not a sit-on-the-sidelines kind of guy. He makes it happen.

Mike Vogel Wins The 2010 Milk Carton Boat Race from Mile73 on Vimeo.

Look at Mike go! He beat the pants off a couple of those eight year olds. He came in fourth place.


We learn a few things every year, watching the boat races. Last year, we determined that paddle boats didn’t seem to work all that great. And big oars seemed to be a winner. This year, there was a pretty successful paddle boat. And it’s wise to have a double ended oar, like you would use with a kayak. We are looking forward to helping out with the SS Front Ave in 2011.

We’ll start drinking milk now.

Dave’s write up of the day over here.


  1. In all fairness, I think one of those eight year olds I beat was actually closer to ten. A lot of physical development happens in those two years so it’s a significant difference that shines further glory on my 4th place finish.

    Thanks for the video and for not mentioning how my daughter kept trying to cheat on my behalf with a pre-cowbell push-off. I have no idea where she gets this stuff…… (eyeroll)

  2. Next year, she will be on the boat with you. You better start having her lift weights now.

    Oh, and that whole “Summer Has Arrived” weather thing. Never mind. Monday. 60 degrees. Cloudy. Pulling my scarves out again.

  3. Awesome! Next year, I’m all about the show boat category!

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