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Wedding Season 2010

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You may remember me mentioning this, perhaps it has slipped your mind, and if that is the case, let me remind you that we have three very big, important weddings this year. THREE. One, two, three weddings. Big ones. A best friend’s wedding, a sister’s wedding and then our own wedding. This season has loomed large with street fairs and festivals and camping and all the other usual summer stuff. Nevermind all the matrimony going on.

This past weekend, our good friends Brent and Leslie had their wedding. Leslie’s sister and friends held a bachelorette party at a rustic cabin near Hood River. This was the view…

Holy crap. This cabin was amazing. There was a giant deck with this amazing view overlooking Hood River Valley and pointy Mt Hood. It was jaw dropping. We sat on the deck and drank booze and watched the sun set over the valley. Two dozen gals from all over the country came to celebrate with Leslie. I had to drive back into town with some friends because I needed to work the next day. Bah. Work.

Friday was a lovely rehearsal dinner with 65 close friends and family. And Saturday was Brent and Leslie’s wedding. They created a fantastic do-it-yourself event that could not have been more authentic and Northwest. The wedding took place at a sunny lavender farm on Sauvie Island. The catering was provided by food carts. The shuttle to the parking lot from the farm was a real live school bus.

I have not been on a school bus in over 20 years. It was awesome.

Here are the flower girls and a ring bearer looking for trouble.

It could not have been a nicer day. It was warm, but with a breeze. The mosquitoes have been horrendous this year, so the bright sun and light breeze kept them away.

Here is Leslie walking down the aisle by her mom and dad. I don’t know when I became a crier, but I did. The older I get, the more weepy I become. And seeing Leslie walk down the aisle with her parents made me lose me shit a little.

Brent’s brother Eric officiated, and the ceremony was charming, sweet and meaningful. Eric will also be officiating our wedding, so it was like going for a test drive. He passed with flying colors, even navigating through the noise made by nearby remote control planes that were buzzing through the air.

Look at these two!

Gah. Tears.

I am going to be a mess for my sister’s wedding in six days. It will either be tears or vomit. Something to look forward to.

We’ve been so busy with friends’ wedding stuff, and my sister’s wedding stuff, and travel stuff, and dresses, and ties, and shirts, and shoes (I am not kidding, these are all epic tasks), that I haven’t really thought about our own wedding. My brain is pretty melty at this point. I have to remind myself to just stop and breathe and relax once in a while.

We are having a tiny wedding. We’ll have just our parents and siblings in attendance. The details are an infinitesimal fraction of what my sister is planning for her wedding in Malibu, California. For us, with a few phone calls, almost all the food and travel details are in place for our two weekend events. Small and casual. No flowers, no photographer, no cathedral, no band, no DJ, no chairs, even. We’re going to make everyone stand for the ceremony. They are going to need to stand up, and they are going to need to take pictures. Cheap, quick, casual wedding. We aren’t even getting a permit for our location. We’re just going to get hitched in a park and boogie before the cops kick us out.

But we have a ceremony to plan and vows to write. We have been putting it off because it seemed so far away, and there are so many other things to think about. But we have five weeks. And once we get back from my sister’s wedding, that time is going to fly, fly, fly by.

We need to come up with something a little better than Dave vowing to change the kitty litter when I get pregnant.


  1. Heather you look beautiful!!! And what an amazing wedding! Thanks for the synopsis. Have fun at wedding #2!

  2. I like your hair!!! And dreamy eyes!! They look like from a magazine!

  3. We’re just going to get hitched in a park and boogie before the cop kick us out.

    AWESOME! Miniflashmob wedding.

  4. i had a great wedding. you weren’t there, cuz i didn’t know you then (to my everlasting sadness). it was biggish, 100+ folks. while it was lovely and fun and all that, in hindsight, i wish we had done a small wedding, like we originally planned. all that stuff you mentioned, dresses, flowers, shoes, tables, food, pictures, travel arrangement, seating arrangements, tablecloths, dishes, and not the least of which, SHOES!! all become huge monumental tasks. they eventually overshadow the very reason for the event. small is great. plus you don’t spend the next two years paying it off…
    as to your vows; definitely put the kitty litter part in there.

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