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Don’t Do Laundry While Very Very Very Tired

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So this past week’s wedding preparations entailed a hair appointment for a trial-run, in which I left happy, but have since decided I want something totally different, because I think my hair stylist needs some excitement in her life.

My lovely local friends threw a little bachelorette party for me, which I was not expecting. Part of planning a very small, casual wedding is omitting some of the traditional events that go along with the wedding. The bridal showers, the dress shopping, the registries, the guest list, the photographer, caterer, baker, florist, DJ, the venue, the bachelorette and bachelor parties, the mass consumption of tequila, and the stuffing of dollar bills into bikinis.

We didn’t plan on doing any of this stuff, except that our friends did coordinate small parties for Dave and me. They were small and casual, like everything else we are doing, and we are very lucky to have such great friends.

Since the wedding is so small, and practically no one is invited, we planned a decidedly giant pre-wedding picnic in the park for our friends and family. We had no idea how many people would come. Anywhere from 100 to 200 people. We ordered Hawaiian BBQ and mini cupcakes to be delivered. We hung out in the park for eight hours.

I had friends fly in from California and Boston for the picnic. One friend drove up from Redding, California. Some were visiting Portland for the first time. Some I hadn’t seen in years. To make the trip worthwhile for the out-of-towners, we tried to pack in as much Portland as possible. Powell’s, Pearl, breakfast, beer, food carts, coffee, poutine, more beer.

We also went to Hall of Records, which is finally, fantastically, OPEN, and had a beer. It’s gorgeous. We are so excited and happy for Katie and Justin. They worked so long, and so hard to open their business, in such a tumultuous economic climate, they are a goddamned inspiration. These kids never lost sight of their vision and they never wavered in their dedication. They built it with their own hands. They deserve every ounce of the huge, heaping gobs of success coming their way. And they were in the fricken Oregonian! Go to Hall of Records on Belmont! Immediately!

This past week was lots of running around, lots of airport trips, lots of sight seeing, lots of eating, lots of picnicking, lots of seeing old friends and new friends, lots of waking up fairly early after anxious nights of not sleeping well. And lots of fun. All this for a small, casual wedding.

Oh, and I still have to finish writing our ceremony and vows. Wedding is in six days. Whatevs.

At the end of all this, I should have just curled up and went to sleep. But a word of advice, instead. When you are very, very tired, maybe you shouldn’t try doing a load of laundry. Because maybe when you load the washing machine, and you reach up for the powdered laundry soap, you might misjudge the paper box packaging it comes in, and it might rip in your hand, and it might spill all over you and the floor. Maybe you just want to collapse into bed and drool like an infant, instead of sweeping and vacuuming powdered laundry soap. You know, maybe wait until you are not so tired to do laundry.


  1. Thanks for a GREAT time! Portland is a blast, the picnic was awesome & it was wonderful to hang out with you guys on your turf.

    Good luck wrapping up remaining details & congrats in advance for next weekend!

  2. Dang. I’m so sorry I have to miss it. All the best in the week ahead and, of course, for the big day to both of you.

  3. So last week, it was me dropping sweetened iced tea, all over our kitchen floor, under the fridge, under the stove, a rushed trip to the grocery store for ant spray and ant traps before they smelled the sweetness. And it wasn’t just a cup, it was a party sized container. No ants yet, and now you’re super clean!! Other things are going to happen like the spilled laundry soap, and you’re still going to have a great, second weekend of matrimony madness!

  4. Yay! You did it! The picnic was fantastic and a true inspiration of how a good party is thrown! All the way across the park, that’s how! Hee hee. Seriously, we had such a good time. You have such nice friends (obviously!) Can’t wait to hang out at the fair with you and see those blissful newlywed smiles!

  5. the trip up was awesome, the mere 44 hours I spent in town were super extra awesome, and the drive back was awesome, though long. (side note: covered bridges scenic byway? underwhelming). still cannot get over the lemon blueberry scone from pearl bakery. loved walking all over, loved seeing len & sue, sean and rooming with keiko was the best. the park was gorgeous. loved the big band serenade near the end. thanks you for everything. love portland, love you two. xoxoxox.

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