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We get married.

After that, I promise I’ll start talking about something else.


  1. You two are soo cute!!! Have a GREAT time this weekend!!!!!!!!! We’ll be thinking about you!

  2. Mazel tov!

  3. Much love and hugs to the both of you! Let’s do Grandpa’s soon, mokay?

  4. I wish we could be there with you all David. I wish you all the love, luck and happiness the world has to offer you both.

    Love, Dawn

  5. Have a great weekend — congrats!

  6. It took Oregon to bring you two together. That shows how awesome this place is.

    Good luck on your journey toward being together forever. Moar ups than downs, and kittehs, and all that!


  8. just looking at y’alls pictures made me tear up. You are two wonderful people and I’m so glad you found each other in this life. Cheers to your weekend!

  9. Many congratulations!!!!! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  10. It has been great to witness through your writing this wonderful relationship of Two become One.

    A toast to a great future full of love, happiness and more great writing!

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