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Oregon Style Honeymoon, Part One: Oregon State Fair

A quick window of internet access in Prairie City, Oregon. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but they have free wireless. And good fried chicken. After this, we are in the woods and mountains.

I’ve been to a couple of county fairs now, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to a state fair. I don’t think Massachusetts even had a state fair when I was growing up. New Hampshire did, and I remember driving by the empty fair grounds, but I don’t think I ever went to the actual fair. Dave is a native Oregonian, and he has never been to the Oregon State Fair. We went on Sunday as part of our first leg of our honeymoon. And we were lucky enough to go with our friends Lise and Chris, who are veteran fair goers, and they were fantastic guides.

Very close to the first thing we did was have ridiculous fair food. You can’t really go to the fair and not get some death-defying food.

Food on sticks! How can you say no? The whole place was a temple to deep frying. I saw a sign for deep fried Dr. Pepper. At the state fair, they bend the laws of physics!

We saw lots of farm animals!

Cows! They were lying down and eating. Two of my favorite things. I think if I had a choice, I’d choose to eat while lying down also.

Angelic sleeping piggies! Look how happy and sleepy. And you can make bacon out of them!

And there were lot and lots of bunnies!

Look at the bunnies!

Dave is in this photo to show the scale of these enormous bunnies. They were the biggest bunnies I’d ever seen. You could use them as footstools.

This was the Rorschach bunny. How does this bunny make you feel about your mother?

We took a stroll outside on a quest for beer. Our friend Lise has reached the upper echelon for super craftiness, and I asked her to make us some of her signature sock monsters. Here we are, meeting for the first time.

We are taking them on our trip across Oregon. Hopefully, they won’t cause any trouble. We also have to come up with names for these two.

Lise entered some of her monsters into the state fair. I think pretty much everyone I know will be getting one of these for the holidays.

We checked out the crafts and perused the various vendors, local book authors and Lego displays.

Including giant, somewhat disturbing zucchinis.

I was happy there were representatives from a bunch of different Oregon counties, all places we will be going to see in the next week.

On our way out of the park, we saw more animals, including some friendly goats.

And below, A Baby Goat.

Look at the baby goat. LOOK AT HIM. Look at the goddamned BABY GOAT.





  1. Gilbert and Frances – names for the sock creatures.

    p.s. the cat made a rare appearance and even let us pet him. Then he proceeded to knead a scarf to death.

  2. Oh, Baby Goat, you slay me with your cuteness! Oh Giant Bunny, can I rest my feet awhile?

    We had so much fun at fair with you guys! On our way home at 10:00pm we were trying to recall our day and were happy thinking of our morning of food madness and visiting animals and monsters.

    Later, we watched some horseys, and then went on to watch some of the Dogs and Logs competition when it resumed at 4pm. It was really loud (we sat as far away from the PA as possible and it was somewhat better) but also really cool. All four competing dogs were adorable, and we got to see the Iron Dog (Baxter was his name, if I remember correctly) receive his giant silver trophy cup! The loggers were also fun to watch as they climbed up to the top of 60′ telephone poles and back in under 20 seconds. Yipes!

    After that, we were relieved to find the 1911 schoolhouse on the other side of the fairgrounds where it was nice and quiet and had pretty vintage books.

    We have decided that one of the best things about the fair is that there’s always something you can’t see this year that you can plan on seeing next year. We felt that way about the giant Photography competition/exhibit we discovered as we were wandering the fairway before heading out and also about the Carousel and the Olde Tyme Photobooth. Next year, we decided, we’ll get all dolled up and go to the photo booth first thing while we’re fresh and there’s no line. Also, we’ll hock some valuables so that we can afford it.

    To my delight, I discovered my ideal “main meal” fair food (in lieu of the Indian Taco of which I am so inordinately fond but which is not available in Oregon): A giant baked potato topped with taco meat, salsa, and nacho cheese sauce from the same place that serves my favorite “side dish” fair food: roasted corn on the cob, all nice and charred and caramelized. Finishing off with a Tamarind Sno Cone (secret family recipe with real fruit, seeds and all) from a small family run food booth tucked away in the middle of the vendors tents! Yum! I had the best food experience I’ve ever had at the Oregon State Fair!

    I hope your honeymoon provides many good food experiences along the way, and that you have lots of fun wandering in the rocks and woods of Eastern Oregon!



  3. not to sound a sour note here, but isn’t it a bit twisted and sadistic to have a banner stating “country bacon makers” over the very suppliers of said bacon? dunno. they says pigs have the intelligence equivalent of a three year old. maybe they read? shake it off…

    on a positive note, the giant zucchini’s on the top two shelves look like humpback whales, dontcha thinnk? state fairs are fun; people watching, animals, fried food… all great. have more fun!

  4. Awe, love the animals at the fair, that’s usually my favorite part! Great photos, kinda felt like I was there. Glad you are having a good time, can’t wait to read more about your adventurous honeymoon!

  5. Rorschach bunny, HA HA HA!

  6. @kelli…I’ve noticed that at various fairs…it’s not the cow barn or the cattle barn, it’s the “beef barn.” Lest we forget there is any other purpose for these animals. Unsettling, yes. But until I swear off meat entirely (which could possibly happen) I can’t really get too deep into it. They all looked like happy, clean animals. But it is hard to look at a living thing and think: “mmm, tasty.”

    I am getting closer all the time to going veggie. Very close now.

  7. We got one of the small rabbits at the fair as a pet. Little black one in an end cage.

    If you read the tags on the large rabbits, you would have seen a certain word written rather large:


    Didn’t get one of those.

  8. (I would wuv a sock monkey!) Adult goats are kind of creepy with their wide-set, beady eyes. I think of the Sound of Music when I look at the baby goat though, don’t know why.

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