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I’m Sick. Siiiiiiick.

I’m pretty sure I must have used this same headline in the past. It sounds like me.

I’m getting clobbered by one of the most painful and fast acting sore throats I’ve had in a long, long time. I was minding my own beeswax, wrapping up a fairly fun weekend at the Ocktoberfest and the Polish Fest, when the sneezing started. And the itchy throat started. In just the span of a few hours, it was evident Something Bad was coming on. By bedtime, my throat was ON FIRE. In the middle of the night, breathing felt like sandpaper on my tonsils. Swallowing felt like boiling water. It sucks when sleeping hurts. As I mentioned on twitter, sick sucks, but painful sick super sucks.

I’m home today, not really able to talk above a whisper. I have lots I could do on a day off like this, but I’m sick. After this busy summer, our place looks like warthogs moved in. But I’m sick. I have lots of projects that I could work on even while sitting on the couch. But I’m sick. Siiiick.

HOWEVER. The bright side of being sick: I get to laze about at home without wearing a bra. You know what’s better than that? Nothing. Nothing in the world is better than not wearing a bra.


  1. There’s nothing better than not wearing a bra. I completely COMPLETELY agree! I’m sorry you’re sick. Feel better. Feel beeeeeeeeeeter!

  2. Get better!

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