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Virtuous Procrastination

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Do you ever clean the house in order to procrastinate on writing, or doing some other creative project that would presumably be more pleasant? I know have to sit down and write a blog post, but that closet which has been a chaotic avalanche for the past 11 months is not going to organize itself. It has been that way for 11 months, but just as soon as it’s time for me to sit down and write, it suddenly, urgently needs cleaning.

It might be good for me to pull out that box of abandoned CDs and alphabetize them and make sure they are in my iTunes because I might sell them…someday. Maybe I should get out the vacuum cleaner and use the crevice tool in the corners where the cat fur has been collecting for a few months weeks, um, days. I should look for the tiles that have broken off the mosaic coffee table so I can fix it and maybe sell it. How does the outside of the vegetable oil bottle get so greasy? I should clean that, and while I’m at it, I should pull out all the oils, spices and vinegars, wipe down the shelves, and put all the bottles, jars and tins back in an organized sort of way, probably not by alphabet, but by frequency of use, and I may as well draw a diagram or flow chart or an ordered list which would require some deep thinking about whether we use the saffron less than the garam masala.

All this to avoid writing, which is something I love to do.

However. You should see how sparkling clean my bathroom is right now.


  1. I really wish I didn’t relate to this!

  2. Our apartment is clutter free and organized because I was doing that, to procrastinate in doing other things. So if our place is organized, it means I’m not doing other things that I know I should. Still works out though, right? Organized apartment is a happy apartment…?

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