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Does Your Kitty Chase Shadows?

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Mine does.


  1. It could be worse. My parents live in a rural area of California (think Eastern Oregon style empty hills ninety minutes from San Francisco). A power line’s down, so they have no lights, no water because the well pump is electric, no heat because the gas furnace’s blowers are electric…

    …and their German Shepherd went and played with the stripey kitty. Again. Got skunk sprayed three ways from Sunday.

    It’s the fourth time this week.

    That dog ain’t smart.

  2. @marysue: Dogs are wicked dumb. Like, they are on a whole other scale of dumbness. Cute though. When they aren’t smelly.

    Your poor parents.

  3. Turns out it’s just Mom, I forgot Dad left at like 2am for his annual hunting trip in Montana.

    I told her two words: Embassy Suites. And a boarding kennel for the dumb dog.

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