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Zen and the Art Of Leaf Blowing

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I work in an office. I shuffle papers around. I make phone calls, I send emails, I occasionally talk to people. I have nine hours a day to think about what my work “means.” What it means In The Grand Scheme Of The Universe. It’s not always obvious or apparent, but like an abundance of office workers, I could probably say I’m not entirely satisfied with what my work “means.” Most of the time, I don’t think about it.

Today, the wind in Portland is supposed to get up to fifty miles per hour. That’s pretty breezy.

And yet.

And yet. On my way into work today, I still saw at least three people with leaf blowers strapped to their backs, blowing leaves. The wind was strong enough to rock my car, but there were people blowing leaves off of lawns and into the street.

Who told them that was a good idea? On a blustery day like today? Or any day, for that matter? Are leaf blowers wondering what their work “means?”

Surely Dante meant to write a chapter on leaf blowing.

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