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Heather and Dave Start a Business

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Hi, Internet. Not that long ago, I mentioned we had some big “stuff” coming up. And I drew a picture of a rocket and unicorn. And it was pretty awesome. It was fairly apparent from my deft drawing skills that there was some pretty massive quantities of awesomeness coming up.

Dave and I have been working on a number of web projects together in the past few months. We launched TriMet Diaries earlier in November, and we were thrilled with the immediate and torrential outpouring of support. You can send your stories of riding public transit in Portland over here. I’m looking forward to moving downtown and getting back into riding transit more regularly. Because, boy, there are stories to tell.

Then this weekend, we launched our next project: PDX Web Ads.

This has been a huge project for us. Dave and I both love writing our blogs. We’ve both been at it now for a number of years. For a long time, we have discussed various ways to try to make a little money from our writing without turning our sites into a patchwork of tacky advertisements. We figured other bloggers must have the same dilemma.

At the same time, we realized we’d much rather support businesses in Portland and in our neighborhood than host ads for teeth whitening or belly flab. We started doing some research on how to start our own online ad network featuring local websites and serving local businesses.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. Our plans were starting to firm up. We had a software solution, and we partnered up with Alley at to host some of our ads. I blasted through some graphics and finished up the actual website. We started to think of ways to get the word out. In a moment of insanity, I came up with a brilliant idea. Let’s give away free advertising in December! Help small businesses and shops with the final holiday rush! No strings attached! Just a way for us to say “howdy!”

We printed up postcards over the holiday weekend and began passing them out. We walked up and down busy retail streets. Like, real, physical walking in the actual real world. And we did this while stuffed full of turkey. We talked to people and shook their hands. We got some skeptical looks, but we got many more smiles and “thank you”s. We figure there are businesses out there who may have never marketed on the internet before. It’s possible some folks don’t know what a “blog” is. We are hoping that we can help introduce them.

So, there it is. Free advertising on our network of sites for December 2010. More info over at the new site. And local bloggers who are interested in joining the network can contact us too.

This was a busy, exhausting and exciting weekend for us.

Also? I built a site to showcase our various projects. You’ll have to go look to see our actual company name. I’m pretty proud of it.


  1. Best. Business Name. EVER!

  2. yay! Good luck to you both!

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