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More Crafty Gifty Ideas

Hey! You! You should buy some of these!

You see what that is there? It’s an ornament. It’s made of wire. And it’s twisted and contorted artfully into my name.

My sister makes these and she’s selling them on Etsy. I ordered thirteen of these things to give to Dave’s family and they are awesome. No peeking, @ElkoSteve!

So you know your mom or your Aunt Sally or your weird coworkers would love to get some of these. My sister makes them to order, and I’m sure she wouldn’t be opposed to maybe making you something more, um, colorful or descriptive or honest for you. Like “Uncle Ass,” or “Douche Bag,” or “I Never Liked You.” Wouldn’t that be fun to hang on your Christmas tree?

Go buy some. She’s building a handmade business and will be launching a website soon. It runs in the family.

She’s my sister and she’s the best.


  1. oh, those are so sweet!!
    (i wrote a pithy, foul-mouthed, grinch-like sentence because i am grumpy. i then deleted it because i love you, and meredith)

  2. I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for my stocking name tag! Yep, I used mine to stake out my spot on the couch with my stocking. They are so wonderful and the colors are perfect for each person! How did you know that green is my favorite color? Thank you for the scarf too! I was feeling out of the loop because everyone else in the family has one. Mine is the best tho!

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