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I like words that have fallen out of common use. Like “conundrum.” I also like the word “persnickety” because it applies to me often. I like “peckish” instead of hungry. I also recently called Dave a “ninny.” These days, no one really calls each other a ninny. However, my dad seems to find a way to use the word “ninny” every time I talk to him.

So, a conundrum. I’m thinking about a blog for anonymous posts. For my writing that I can’t really share here, and for other people who have things to say, but maybe can’t say really say them without getting themselves in trouble. Venting, heartbreak, the perfect letter to send to your evil boss, the sentiments you can’t share with the people you are closest to.

I’d rather not have the anonymous blog become a bitchfest, a haven for trolls, or a repository of angsty teenage drama. Or even a confessional for unlawful activity. But I’m willing to go with the flow and see where it leads. I don’t need to know who you are, I’m just interested in what you have to say.

When I launch this, do I tell anyone about it? Do I keep it a secret? Do I cover my tracks and hide who’s behind the curtain? Or do I roll it out by telling the world, call for entries, and just act as a curator? I bet there are stories out there to tell. I have my own. That is the problem. I can’t really contribute if I’m attached to it. And that was the whole point. So I can share my own angsty teenage drama.

So I may start this anonymous blog project. I just don’t know if I should tell you or not. “You,” meaning the universal internet “you.”

Like the Queen’s “we,” but “you.”

What do YOU think?


  1. I’ve wanted a Facebook alternative in which everyone is anonymous. I no longer have a Facebook account because of the lack of privacy. I can just see in my mind “likes” from users Anon1243 and Anon4567 showing up. Pretty soon each user becomes known by their Anon identifier and the anonymity starts to disappear as they have friendships and start communicating real names, dating, breaking up, and one of the pair outs the identity of the other.

    Back to reality, you can create and curate openly and contribute anonymously. No big deal because “Anonymous” doesn’t mean a court order won’t be served to find the poster.

  2. I understand the allure of posting anonymously (I feel that tug) but personally, I wrestle with why I want to say something that I wouldn’t want anyone to know is me. Is there real catharsis in opining on a topic when it’s essentially just a note tossed into the wind? Why do I deem some thoughts and opinions important enough to address yet too dangerous to take ownership of?

    If I were in your shoes, the devolution into a bitchfest would be my concern. Negativity inspires negativity, so will the end result be something you’d be proud to call your own? Oh, wait, you wouldn’t be calling it your own.

  3. Blog it anonymously and keep it a secret. Secret lives have also fallen out of common use, just like persnickety.

  4. Thanks, guys. I just think about the stories I can’t share here. Work, history, internet stalkers, bad poetry, etc. And I think about other people who have those stories too.

    So maybe I need to start an anonymous blog as a curator and solicit entries. Then, I start a SUPER SECRET ANONYMOUS blog and don’t tell anyone, and fill it up with all my angsty tales of teenage heartbreak. Or maybe just write a book.

  5. i have wondered how to do this. there are things i want to say about, mmm a former employer, just to get it off my chest. but ithen you get into the bitchfest aspect like anon bill was saying. and then there are the legalities, bacause lets face it, we live in litigious times. (that’s a good word, right?)

    you could try it, and if it goes sour, delete it. right?

  6. I don’t mind venting or bitching, as long as it’s artful. Anyone can spit mindless venom. There’s a lot of that. But if you can spin a tale, and enrapture readers with your epic story of good and evil, well, I’d read that.

    I think bitching for cathartic reasons is dreadfully dull and helps only one person. Bitching as a form of entertainment can build empires.

  7. I think an anonymous blog is a great idea. There’s no reason that you can’t give a creative and unique interpretation of a story just because you can’t share it here. Also, you can turn it into a book later :)

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