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Ye Christmases Of Olde

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While spending Christmas with my family, we dug out some old photos of Christmases past, from when I was just a sprout.

As a kid, I think it took me a while to figure Christmas out.

Here’s me with Uncle Santa. I don’t think I quite comprehended the concept just yet. Looks like maybe my Uncle Bill didn’t either.

Here I am maybe a year later, in a pretty pretty hat, which was actually a toilet paper roll cozy from the back of my grandparent’s toilet tank. Evidently, every time I went to Grandpa and Gramma’s house, the first thing I did was run to the bathroom to fetch my hat. I also used to steal my Grandpa’s slippers and throw them down the laundry chute.

That white space helmet looking thing in the background of the photo above was a “television.” For real.

Yet a couple years later, I think I began to understand the whole Tree + Fat Man in a Red Suit = Presents.

Fricken LEGOS, y’all! I do believe I asked my parents why, if Santa’s elves made all the toys, how they could be so exactly like the toys in the store? I believe my parents said it was “magic.”

I don’t know what this was, but holy crap, I was excited about it. Note the feety pajamas.

This photo has nothing to do with Christmas, but who doesn’t like to crap in a sunny field when they get the chance? Look how happy I am.


  1. this is warming my cold heart.

  2. Yay LEGOs! I believe I had that set as a kid, too. I still have my ancient LEGO Castle guys. (Just passed my 10-year-old LEGO Harry Potter castle to my daughter, though, now that she’s old enough for “real” LEGOs.) You sure that Daft Punk-helmet-looking thing is really a TV? I remember my parents having a funky old electronic game with a ring of red LEDs inside that looked like that. Would’ve been late ’70s.

  3. @ehurtley: Confirmed with parental units that white helmet thing was indeed a TV. My grandparents were pretty hip.

    LEGOS: Hands down the best toy of my childhood. I can’t even remember anything else I played with. Plus, I think they made me smart.

  4. The table the space age TV is sitting on, Grampa and Gramma still use it today.

  5. Re: LEGOS.

  6. Uncle James says

    Hi Heather, I love the old pics! I remember the one of your uncle Bill in his first santa gig. He was so psyched to be santa for his big sisters baby girl!

  7. Aunty Laurie says

    LOVE THE PICS!!! The one of Billy made me go, ” AWWWWW”! I remember that also, he was Such a Great guy!
    You know I wouldn’t be the Least bit surprised if Blanch still has one of those cozies in her bathroom!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND DAVE!!! Much LOVE to you both!!!!

  8. I used to get Legos for Christmas too. And I was just as excited! Yay for having a big brother!

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