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The Story of PDX Web Ads, Part Two

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Here’s Part One from Monday. Yes, it’s super boring. Go read it anyway.

I am not a marketer or sales person. Dave even less so. Our goal is not to drive cheap traffic or monetize meaningless content or otherwise be marketing douches. We’d like to think of ourselves as Writers. We would go do stuff, then write about it all day long, if we didn’t have to stop to eat, or sleep, or drink beer, or go to “real work” to afford our beer. For some reason, we haven’t found someone willing to pay us for this career choice. So until we find some benevolent sponsor to finance our lifestyle, we need some other way to make dollaz.

I touched on this the other day, how Portland has a pretty vibrant blogging scene. In general, Portland has a pretty vibrant creative scene, much to the dismay of crusty old dudes who think anything less than filling potholes and getting dirt under your nails isn’t real work. Setting aside that “creative” has become a loaded word, there are also lots and lots of Portland businesses that are small, local, and um, creative. I mean, come on! We’ve got our own damn TV show!

We began to wonder about how to connect Portland businesses with all these web publishers. For instance, if a local business wants to advertise locally on the internet, they might go to the online versions of the local media, much like if they were to buy an ad in the print paper. They’d buy space, and their ad would show up on that website for a specified time, or for a certain number of impressions, for as much as their budget allow. Have I put you to sleep yet? Here’s a professional diagram:

PDX Web Ads is sort of the same idea, expect instead of having your ads on just one publication, they will be on multiple local blog sites. Like so:

So with PDX Web Ads, businesses can get traffic from multiple blogs with diverse subjects, all read by Portland residents who are happy to spend their money locally. And local bloggers can feel good that they are helping to promote businesses in their own neighborhoods, while getting some income for their efforts.

Could this be any more collaborative and Portlandy? And did you know that factories in Portland belch flowers from their smokestacks? It’s true!

When we launched our free December ad special, I didn’t know what to expect. The response both from bloggers and advertisers was better than I could have hoped. One person commented that Portland needed this idea, and it needed to be done by someone they could trust. That may have been one of the nicest things anyone could have said to us.

We’re just seeing where this goes. It’s important for us to remain good internet citizens, fostering community, not competition. We are expecting it to be Work and we are excited for it. It’s work that we like, real work that allows us to keep writing, hopefully help other writers, and spread the word about small businesses in the Rose City.

Go over here for more details. If you’d like us to contact you, go over here.

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