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The BEST Scones I’ve Ever Had In My WHOLE LIFE

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Restaurant endorsements from me are few and far between. I have very high culinary standards. My pre-game dinner last night consisted of french fries, tater tots and mini corn dogs.

But this place has scones that make me weak in the knees: Pazzoria Bakery & Cafe. On SW Washington. Attached to Pazzo Ristorante. If you live in Portland, quick now, like a little bunny, go get a scone from this place. Not another word. Off with you now.

For those that don’t live here, I will bring every friend and family member who visits me to this place. Because after eating these scones, they will never want to leave the City of Portland. If you come visit me in Portland, and I DON’T take you to Pazzoria for a scone, well, you can take that as an indicator of the health of our relationship.


  1. So which is your favorite? Hazelnut chocolate chip? Or Lemon Mascarpone. I’m partial to the latter. And I believe it only has 8000 delicious calories!

  2. I ride the streetcar by there every single morning, and it looks like such an inviting place. But the quicker I get to work, the quicker I get to go home, so I usually watch it roll by.

  3. I think the lemons are my favorite. I do love my chocolate in the morning, but the whole hazelnuts can be a little overwhelming. They are still gods among scones.

    Mary Sue, allow an extra 15 minutes to catch an earlier streetcar and go get yourself a scone. I promise, it will change everything you know about baked goods.

  4. Sweet, I walk by there every day. I’ll check it out Monday. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. I worked at the Vintage Plaza Hotel there when I was much younger and I pretty much had all I could eat scones and other pastries. And I wasn’t fat then. They must be calorie-free!

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