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Creepy Weirdo

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I had a dream the other night that I was at some type of large banquet. It was in a big windowless hall, probably like a small town Elks Club or meeting hall. The walls were cinder blocks, painted a peach color reminiscent of an elementary school. I think it was some sort of family event, or a mental reenactment of a party that may have actually happened. Maybe a memory from when I actually lived in a small town, and when I lived near family.

Except Colin Meloy was there. And it wasn’t a shock, and it wasn’t a big deal. He was just standing around with a plate of potato salad like the rest of us. And I knew him somehow. My knowing Colin Meloy was completely obvious and rational in my dream, as it always is. Obviously.

In my dream, at this big family banquet or reception or whatever this was, I nodded in Colin Meloy’s direction. I asked if his wife and son were here, too.

And then, internally, inside my dream, where it was all cool for me to be talking to him, somehow my brain realized: THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE.

And then, PANIC. I had just asked about his family. And my brain, inside my dream, said, “Stop being so creepy and weird! He’s going to think you’re a stalker! Don’t ask about his wife and kid! What the hell is a matter with you?”

I’m going to be in big trouble if I even run into this guy at the farmers market.


  1. A couple of nights before the Decemberists concert, I had a dream that Colin Meloy and I were running away together. All I could think about the whole time (as we were making out, of course), was how much America was going to HATE me for tearing he and Carson apart. I mean, you know how adorable she is? That thought was way more guilt-ifying than the thought of leaving my fiancĂ© for another dude, albeit Colin Meloy. It was really strange to be watching him on stage just a couple of nights later. I mean, we were just totally making out the other day, or so my brain thought. Creeeeepy…

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