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Yes. It’s a Cafe Mocha. In a Soup Bowl.

And, yes. It’s not just whipped cream, but chocolate whipped cream. Heavenly. From this place.

See how I sacrifice for you, internets? I must have these delectable num-a-nums so that I can tell you about them later. So my fat ass is all your fault.


  1. I love the lattes at Via Delizia—haven’t tried this other incarnation of evil though. Thanks!!!

  2. mmmmmm.
    you wanna know why i’m happy about your fat ass? because it makes my fat ass not look as fat. and i don’t even have any good excuse for having a fat ass.

    fat asses unite! or… something.

  3. I don’t go out for coffee enough. If I can have something that looks like that!

  4. Next time say “Excuse me, Miss. There seems to be a mistake. I believe I ordered the LARGE Cafe Mocha” always good for a laugh.

  5. Erin, we will amass an army of fat asses! Will will crush our enemies! We will rule with iron fists and jiggly posteriors! Someone send for scone and mocha reinforcements!

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