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In Our House: Napkins = Kitty Butt Wipes

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I shoo my cat off the table and counters. He’s not supposed to be up there. I’ve shooed him off surfaces his whole life. Of course, I’ve worked regular jobs the whole time I’ve had him also, so he’s free to do what he pleases when no one is home. So when I yell at him for jumping on the counter or the table, he’s like, “What? I do this all day long.”

Dave admitted to me the other day he doesn’t yell at the kitty if he jumps on the table. He lets him sit up there. So I’ve walked into our kitchen/living room and the cat is contentedly sitting on the table, looking out our 11th floor window.

Our cat is sick, and we don’t really know how much longer he will be around. His kidneys are failing, which I hear is common in older cats. But he’s only nine years old, which doesn’t seem “old” at all. It seems damned young. I’ve never had a cat that didn’t live into his late teens.

He also isn’t “acting” sick. As I sit here and write this at two in the morning, the kitty is thundering around between the kitchen and the hallway, scattering toys and making noise that is surely going to wake Dave up. The reason I’m awake at 2 am is because the cat curled up on my chest as I was sleeping and purred in my face. When I didn’t respond, he stretched a paw out to my chin to make sure I knew he was there, and how damned happy he was. And that I should pet him.

So now I too have been hesitant to shoo the cat off the table. What the hell. It makes him happy. He may have years to go, but it might only be months. It’s been hard to come to terms with, when he has given no behavioral indicators that he isn’t feeling well. We might be in denial.

Earlier today, I was struck by a need to put our apartment in better “order.” Space is at a premium in our little 533 square foot apartment. We don’t really have the luxury of throwing things just anywhere. I think I am more concerned about this than my husband.

We are nearly done with a giant stack of napkins that we’ve had since last summer. We usually keep a few napkins on the table because the rest of the big stack is “put away.” And they are in a high, awkward cabinet. Since we had so few left, I put the rest of the stack on the table for future meals. They are white and eight by eight inches square.

I was writing a completely different post, sitting here at this late hour. I looked up to see the cat sitting on the stack of napkins, perfectly perched with his paws and furry butt sitting right on the eight by eight inch square. Somehow he fit himself on that exact little bit of space. Kitties like order too.

I shooed him down and threw away the first few napkins from the stack. I guess I’m glad I saw him do it. Otherwise, we’d essentially be wiping our faces with kitty toilet paper. We never would have known.

I’ll miss him when he’s gone.


  1. Many hugs and scritches for the kitty! I lost my kitty to kidney failure amongst other stuff when she was only 7, which was really really young. :(
    Shinji loves to sit in chairs like he’s people (which I’m okay with), but I’m always having to shoo he and Aka-chan off the counters, too. WTH is up with that?

  2. Sigh, cat. Heavy sigh.

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