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Livin’ Like a Tom Petty Song

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I don’t like to say I am living on the floor. I like to say I’m “free of furniture.” Because, you know, furniture is like, such a hassle, you know?


Through all the upheaval, moving, vet visits, plane rides, other scary pets, long drives, scuzzy motels, my cat has endured like a champion. He can be rather skittish, and I worry that all the chaos will somehow damage him permanently. But he’s bounced back after every trauma.

I introduced him to our new home and he slinked around, sniffed the air, and checked every corner. When he felt comfortable, I got the universal sign of kitty well-being: he ate and crapped. Success!

In the past 24 hours, he has been hiding in a deep cabinet in the bathroom and has refused to come out. When I pulled him out of his hiding place, he scrambled away as soon as he could, fearfully looking back at…the ceiling fan. Then he ran in terror.

So after all the crap I have put him through, it is the benign and motionless ceiling fan that has finally popped his little kitty brain. Fricken idiot.



The stove, counter top and tile floor in the kitchen are all brand new. The cabinets leave a little to be desired. The whole place has nice little details that carry a hint of history and character. Then there’s a veneer of cheap remodeling that is “kinda nice.” It’s nice in a bulk, institutional sort of way. There are details that are overlooked, or work shoddily finished, or bottom-of-the-line fixtures. But for less than $700, it’s still a steal.


You knob.


  1. You can do laundry basket surfing with kitty! But he doesn’t stay long in a basket does he? How was sleeping on a bed, makes you appreciate it eh?

  2. Surprisingly, first night in new bed was rather fitful. I haven’t done any laundry yet because I don’t have a laundry basket. Also, I don’t have any quarters.

  3. No YER a knob, hoser! Wancha take off, eh? (And don’t forget yer tuke when ya go outside… Looks kinda cold out there, eh?)

    And hey- your cat’s crazy, eh.

  4. You posted on our lonesome blog so I better say hello on yours! Glad you’ve got a home, of sorts. At least for the time being. Looks pretty nice to my Europeanized eyes. Gotta love American living standards! And all that cool Euro-style: only for the rich over here.

  5. “mile 73”
    I do wish I had started reading all of you many blogs sooner, because now it’s going to take me like 5 years to catch up on what you’ve been up to since I saw you in May. Go Portland! Miss you!

  6. don’t sweat the cat stuff. once you get some other furniture for him to fear, he will cease to be afraid of the fan. my cats/kids were terrified of them too, and hid in the closet or the undersink cabinet, until the furniture arrived. then they were terrified only of the doorbell. the chimes of doom.

    congrats on your place! it is so nice to get “home” isn’t it?

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