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What. A. Night.

Timbers home opener. You can click on the image below for super big.

We were so ready.

It was raining. Hard. It didn’t let up.

You can click on the image below for super big.

The Army Sings The Anthem from Mile73 on Vimeo.

There’s our boys.

This is what a win looks like.

Click below for big smokey goodness.

Click for huuuuge

Victorious Timbers Greets the Army from Mile73 on Vimeo.

That, my friends, was some fricken soccer. Everyone should go see one of these games.


  1. Watching on TV, it looked insane!

  2. Dale and Emmett were there and had a blast!


  3. So very amazing. The Army was in full swing last night and it was a night I’ll never ever forget. ^_^

  4. Section 117? I’m a Top o’ 115er when I ‘m not attending to “official duties” in The Shed.

    Last night was everything we hoped for and worked for and more.

  5. @Eric – Yup! We’ve got great seats. Same view as the Key Banks folks across the field for 1/2 the price. Plus completely covered and dry!

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