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Have you ever tried to make money on Etsy? It’s not easy. I was talking to someone the other day about selling crafts on Etsy and she told me she’s made about $7.00 in four years. It’s hard to make money as a crafty person in ANY venue, never mind trying to make a living from it.

So it makes me incredibly happy and proud that my sister Meredith is going to fricken town on Etsy. She’s not just making money selling her creations, she is making a living. She was featured on Blue Deer Designs, sharing her story of leaving a hellish job, creating her own handmade wedding decorations, discovering a vibrant niche, overcoming the fear of starting her own business, and how’s she working up to 12 hours a day, but loving every minute of it.

You can find Meredith’s Etsy shop over here. And her website (under construction) at Floating Owl Designs. She makes amazing custom bridal hangers by bending wire into names. They are super detailed and mindbogglingly painstaking. Brides are super crazy nutty over these hangers.

My sister is super awesome. Nedra at Blue Deer Designs is pretty awesome too.

Go, ladies, go!


  1. Thanks! It still doesn’t seem possible to be an “online crafter.” But I yam!

  2. congrats meredith!!! i remember thinking what an industry weddings are… glad that a normal person is getting in on some of the action. i sold a couple pieces of glass on etsy, but like you say, it is hard. plus the stuff i do takes hours if not weeks or months, lol. hard to make a living doing stained glass, period.
    yeah meredith!!

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