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Kitty Has A Woobie

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Years ago, I noticed that whenever I used a certain type of fuzzy soft yarn for my crochet, my cat would come over and knead the balls of yarn. He didn’t do it for every yarn, just this soft fuzzy kind. He’d start purring, just looking at it. He’d go stand on the ball of yarn and knead and purr and knead and purr, his eyes half closed. Then he’d come curl up next to me and fall asleep.

This cat has been through a lot. He’s been through a number of relocations, including to Hawaii, with the quarantine process and the five hour flight each way. He lived for a while in a house with five other cats. He hates other kitties. He took the drive with me from California to Oregon, mewling mournfully the whole way, and he’s moved four times since then. I worry about how miserable he seems whenever we uproot his world. But each time, he springs back, curious and happy. Now he’s sick, and back and forth to the vet, which is worse than anything else.

It’s unlikely he remembers all these perceived traumas. He’s just a kitty. His brain is the size of a walnut. But I remember.

So I made a little kitty blanket out of this yarn. It’s expensive yarn, but I collected leftover bits and got enough to make him a little square woobie. He never actually lays on it. He finds it on the bed and knows it’s for him. I fold it up a number of times so it’s a thick cushion and he stands on it and kneads and purrs and kneads and purrs. Then he wants to cuddle and fall asleep. I have seen this countless times.

Does a cat need a woobie? Maybe. Am I projecting? I just have one cat, but I crochet, and I’m on the crazy cat lady fast track, so I’m just letting nature run it’s course.

It makes me him happy.


  1. Did you do the art above the bed? It’s fantastic!

  2. Auntie Laurie says

    I LOVE it Heather! Way to take care of one of your best friends, I know he must Love you for it!!!

  3. Thanks, Erin. I did do that painting. I’ll be excited for the summer to return to painting in Astoria.

    Thank you, Auntie Laurie. Kittie loves his woobie.

  4. I still have Keetah’s woobie you made her. I sit on it every day as I work.

  5. What is a woobie and why do cats need or like them? Painting studio, coffee bar, pub, Astoria is going to be very good for you. This pre-kid time slot is precious for adults with a creative itch.

  6. my jadzia is the same way. certain type of yarn, certain layer of fluffiness. vigorous kneading and purring, then nap. it is adorable.

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