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You know what? Kitty litter shouldn’t goddamn cost $20. It’s sand meant to be shit on. It may have perfume, and it might have blue crystals in it, but it shouldn’t be goddamned $20 for an 8 pound bag.

We are just days away from no longer having regular income. Can you tell I’m a little tense about it?

We are pretty good about being thrifty, even when it comes to food and groceries, where we feel pretty justified to cook and eat well. We buy store brands. I scrutinize quantities and cost per weight, judging my purchases by how much I save when buying bulk, and how many groceries my noodley arms can carry on the walk from the store to our apartment.

We have an indoor cat in a tiny downtown apartment. The litter box is wedged into our bathroom, in the only logical bit of square footage between the toilet and the sink. So I splurge and get the “high tech” kitty litter made of silica gel since we’ve had only 533 square feet of air space and no window in our bathroom. It would be cheaper to get clay kitty litter, but then we’d need to use more of it, we’d need to change it more frequently. For the sake of our standard of living, and knowing gas masks are pricey, I get the expensive blue crystal perfumey high tech bullshit kitty litter.

I realize that a pet can be considered a “luxury” item, so I should expect to pay a premium for the pleasure of owning my little fuzzy wuzzy. Twenty dollars for eight pounds of kitty litter translates to $2.50 per pound. In some cases, that is more expensive per pound than beef or chicken. It is WAAAY more expensive than grains or beans or other staples. I can’t image it costs less to produce beef or chicken, than it does to manufacture sand for my cat to shit in.

But it’s blue! And it has crystals! And it was produced by NASA, or something! And it’s a “gel,” but it’s really a solid! The technology is so confounding, you should pay more for it!

Right now I get the “boutique” eight pound bag of kitty litter I’m from my urban grocery store. In the future, we will be living in the boonies and have more storage space. So I’ll buy the back breaking quantities of kitty litter and pick it up in my dump truck. But I still won’t like it.

Kitty litter is bullshit.


  1. Costco has a good deal going, I think its $5 for a tub and the quality is the best I’ve used. That and there is a Costco in Warrenton so you’re set.

  2. Cool John, thanks. That seems more like it. I get a little, uh, outraged when I have a bigger budget for kitty litter than I do for food or wine.

  3. Got a Target nearby? We get the “high tech” Tidy Cat stuff for well less than $10 for a 20lb container. I’ve found the price can vary pretty wildly depending on where you buy it. When I bought it the other day, it was even on sale for under $7. And since you’ll be looking to save even more, remember the “alpha strategy” — when something you know you’ll use is on sale, get a couple extras.

  4. Auntie Laurie says

    I agree 100%, but they have you by the short cat legs on this one!! My one piece of advise on this matter is, when you go to change his “brand” of ,litter, make sure you still have some of the old spaceage stuff in reserve in case,duh duh duh daaa!!! He doesn’t like the cheap stuff!! He is Your cat after all!!!

  5. zoe baily says

    Try “World’s Best” corn based clumping litter (very good odor control) $25 for 17 pound (or $10 for 7 pound) bag. I never have to completely change the litter, just scoop & stir daily, add more as needed. The bag lasts a long time.

  6. You should teach little Dinger to use the toilet.

  7. Toilet training is where its at! I bought a training kit once, but it never got used… No surprise!

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