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Camping Season 2011

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Dave’s last day of work was yesterday. I haven’t seen him sit still for days. If he stands in one place, he bounces or outright dances. He will deny this if you ask him about it. But I swear internet, it’s true.

Long before we had any idea we’d be quitting our jobs and moving to the coast, we looked at a calendar of the summer weekends in 2011. We looked at festivals, Timbers games, weddings, birthdays and holidays. Then we looked to see what weekends we wanted to try camping. We knew that early May was waaaay too early for tent camping, especially on the coast. We might as well stand fully clothed in a cold shower, along with all our camping gear. Fun.

However, we wanted to get as close to the beach as possible, and we wanted to try a yurt. Yurts and cabins fill up months and months in advance. So we made reservations sometime in late 2010, with no idea we’d be unemployed and moving out of Portland a mere six months later.

So we’re off to the wilds this weekend. We’ve never stayed in a yurt. It will surely be cold and blustery and rainy on the coast. This is our idea of celebration, and the inaugural weekend of our employment free experiment. Wish us luck.


  1. I look forward to your report, ’cause I want to try yurt camping later this year.

  2. I’ve heard great things about the yurts on the coast. Looking forward to hearing where you went and how it was!

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