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72 Hours: Moving, Again.

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I’m going to milk the hell out of this graphic because I love it.

Monday. We’ll load up the rental truck with all our worldly belongings and hit the road. We are packing furiously now. I’ve been running all over Portland this week, doing errands and taking care of last minute business. It has felt fantastic to check items off my to do list, it sort of helps burn the “freak out” energy that is keeping me from sitting still.

I am super freaking out. Mostly in a good way. This is how it works for me. Getting things done and being productive helps burn the “freak out” energy in a positive way, as opposed to a neurotic, destructive bad way. Not that that ever happens to me. Sigh.

“Freaking out” also means I am super excited. We have Plans, yo. Big Plans with a capitol “P.” We’re making lists of things we want to do this summer. Dave wants to learn how to make bread. He’s going to make pickles and cheese and brew his own beer. He’s going to work on his blogs, make good food and drink lots of coffee and beer.

I’m going to paint little paintings. I’m going to rebuild this blog. I’m going to write, take lots of photos, and learn how to make homemade pasta. I’m going to build websites for people, and they are going to pay me money. We’re going to go on a lot of walks. We’re going to explore the coast. We might get a puppy. This is our summer.

Have you thought about it? What you would do? What would you do if you could take the summer off? Where would you go? What have you always wanted to try doing, but never had the time?

Also, did you hear about the breaching whale that crushed a sailboat? We’re moving to the City of Flying Death Whales. Thanks to trendy memester @brx0 for renaming our new town!


  1. ALSO! If you live in Portland, we’re having Going Away Beers at Hall of Records on Belmont Saturday. We’ll be there starting at four and staying until we can’t see straight. So come say hi. Or goodbye. Either way.

  2. Speaking of (writing this here, as I’m sure I’ll forget to mention it tomorrow), since you’ll have a bit more time, would you be willing to take on a painting for me? I’ve been wanting to paint a cheapy Ikea coffee table, but haven’t had the time to do so myself, and I think it would be incredibly cool to have you paint some of your lovely trees on it, and then seal the hell out of it. What do you think? So excited for you guys! :D

  3. FlamingAtheist says

    Hoping I can catch you guys out there for a beer or coffee when I’m out visiting the in-laws. Good luck with the pack/move!

  4. Meredith says

    Exciting! I would think Dave would want to make sardines too. If I took the Summer off, I might actually do all the same things I already am doing for the Summer, crafting, making money, cooking, baking, running a stupid mud run marathon I stoopidly signed Gary & I up for.

  5. you are the best, i swear! so happy for you. can’t wait to visit.

    take the summer off… there’s a concept. work on glass? absolutely. camp? absolutely. get a shitload of projects done? absolutely.

    can’t wait to see/taste the fruits of your labor.

  6. Yay, yooze guys!! I’m moving this summer, too. Off to Toronto at the end of June. I’m looking forward to it –all the culling of junk..the fresh new place…fresh new neighbourhood/city. Thinking of new things to write in my old blog… All the best to you enroute.

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