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Holy crap. We moved.

I drove the truck. I wasn’t too freaked out about it. I’ve driven moving vans and trucks before. The little ones. I reserved a ten foot truck, but, ha, they didn’t have ten foot trucks. They only had fifteen foot trucks. We got it for the same price, but I still had to drive the fifteen foot through the streets of Portland. And I had to back it up into the loading dock of our building.

I really didn’t have the time to freak out about driving this truck in advance. If I had known how stressful it was going to be, I would have worried MUCH HARDER. It would have helped me feel more prepared.

Once I shimmied the truck into the loading dock, (this, seriously, was heart pounding for me. I’m a big baby) we started filling it up with our worldly belongings. The good thing about having a larger truck is that we didn’t have to be super efficient about fitting everything in. We had a lot of boxes, but the truck had so much floor space, we only stacked them two high. The larger furniture came after, then the bikes and whatever random stuff was left over. It took about two and a half hours.

Here’s us at the end of packing up the truck. The photo is a little blurry because we were drunk. Or something. In our old building, built in 2009, we had a dedicated elevator and a cart to help us move. In our new apartment, built sometime in the 1880s, we had a fair distance to walk from the sidewalk to our door, a rickety boardwalk, and a narrow flight of stairs to climb up to our place. It was a work out. Dave commented that boot camp is probably easier than moving.

However. Our new place in Astoria is THREE TIMES larger than our old apartment in downtown Portland. Our old place was 533 square feet. Our new place is 1600 square feet. We have five closets in our new place. Two of them are larger than our entire sleeping area of our downtown apartment. We have a whole closet just for camping gear. We’re going to use one of the closets as an office. It’s also about $500 cheaper than our place in Portland.

Unpacking has already been a breeze. We can put boxes anywhere because, well, who cares when you have entire rooms to get things out of the way? We have been giggling at the questions “where should we put this…?” because now we have epic amounts of space. We could ride tricycles and big wheels around the living room.

I’ll have more photos of our new place as we get settled and a bit more organized. We have windows! And light! And we can see the river! We’ve realized, even after all our downsizing, we still have a TON of stuff. Other people who live in houses might not think we have a lot of stuff, but when we move at least once a year, it is still a metric shit ton of shit.

The challenge now is to NOT UPSIZE, even though we have the space. Our new place has a lot of built in shelves so we may be able to get rid of particle board dressers and bookshelves. Dave couldn’t be happier that we moved 100 miles away from IKEA.

I want to take our time and get some older, quality furniture that we know we need. We now have space for desks and workstations, so I want to get a supportive work chair, instead of spending hours on our uncomfortable couch. We may get a couple of comfortable reading chairs. But all these items will likely come from Craigslist and Goodwill. And we really have everything we need, so we don’t need to rush out to get anything.

I drove the truck from Portland to Astoria. So our super kickass friends Kate and Rita followed us in my car. Kate is 72 years old and didn’t bat an eye driving a stick shift for 100 miles. These two were a huge help on moving day. I didn’t want them carrying heavy items and walking up and down the stairs. They put together our tables, unpacked my plants, and generally kept us charmed throughout the day.

I love these two.

After the truck was empty, we showered and took them out to a nice dinner to thank them for their help.

This is Kate. I love this woman.

The weather for our move was sunny and dry. The next day, we took a walk into town to get breakfast.

We are beginning to think we imagined all that rain in Astoria.

What rain? It rains here?



  1. Yaaaaaaay! Welcome home!

  2. Meredith says

    Wow. Great pictures! You should start a photography blog/link. Nice kitchen!

  3. Beautiful Heather! I did a drive-by to come help you out a bit on Monday afternoon but you maybe hadn’t arrived yet, drove around the block a couple times looking for the moving truck and such… I am sorry I didn’t try harder to connect and help you out! Welcome to Astoria!

  4. Thanks Nyssa! We didn’t get there until between three and four. You are awesome for offering to help. We didn’t want to impose on you and Amy. Every time we move, we forget how hellish it is. After each time, I resolve to say YES to help next time. So thank you nevertheless. Let’s get a beer!

  5. Wow. We’ve been in our place for over a month & I wouldn’t dream of taking photos & sharing them. I am going to pretend that it is all the fault of having half the space we used to have, having 2 kids, etc. I swear last Friday I got 2 SHELVES IN THE KITCHEN LINED and that was it. Everything else was cooking and diapers and grocery shopping — you know, the life stuff that won’t stop just because I want the house organized.

    I was NOT spending too much time online. Shut up. ;-P

  6. Congratulations!! You’ve got the big part out of the way…now the fun starts!! Glad there’s lots of coffee (for the am) and beer (for the pm) on hand!! Hope to see you soon!!!

  7. Awesome sauce! Glad the move went well and you two are settling into your new home! We can’t wait to visit! :)


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