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Updates: A List

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Cat Update: My sister’s cat, AKA Peg Leg McKeetah, the Pirate Cat, has had surgery and now she’s one leg lighter. She’s hanging out at my parent’s place, recovering and cursing the New York Giants. New York Giants, can you see what you’ve done to this poor, defenseless kitty? Shameful!

Peg Leg McKeetah

Umbrella Update: I bought an umbrella. I need to remember to bring it with me wherever I go. Because I often look outside and think it looks dry. But even when it is dry (rare), or sunny (even more rare), it will soon rain. It rains ALL THE TIME. Why does no one tell me these things? But it also snowed the other day and that was super kick ass.

Soup Update: A little disappointed: Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup.

Bummer Soup

Not that it’s bad, but it’s not as good as I remember it. Not as sweet or yummy. It makes me wonder if the rumor is true. You know the rumor? About how recipes for common products are slightly different according the part of the country they are being delivered to? So a Twinkie might be different in Texas than it is in Minnesota. So I wonder if Trader Joe’s added extra suck to the Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup headed for Oregon. It’s not enough to make me forsake you, Trader Joe, but please, I can only go halfway.

Haircut Update: It’s a bummer to be too broke to afford a good haircut when I need one. A haircut is an extravagance right now, as opposed to an oil change, which I also need. So I’m shaggy and I look like a pissed off suburban mom right now. Instead of looking like, “Why I’d be delighted if you bought me a drink,” I look like, “Kids, get your asses down here and eat your waffles or you’ll be goddamned late for school!”


  1. Also known as Keetah Macgyver will be coming home this Wednesday. Her toys and I are delighted we’ll have Keetah to play with and love again. I think Roasted Red Pepper anything sucks. I’m not a fan of the “roasted” flavorings, or “bbq” flavor, or sometimes the “smoked” flavor. The thought of chemicals going into foods to make them taste that way is scary, even to the point of the real roasted flavor tasting chemically. Kinda like how everytime I smell old coffee, I think of the old Kingsmen hall and how you could always smell old coffee. Your hair looks great when you just get it cut but it also looks just as great as it grows out!! Keetah says hi and loves her blanket!

  2. Uhhhh….maybethe TJ’s RRP soup didn’t taste as good as it did in Culver City, is BECAUSE YOU GOT THE LOW SODIUM ONE???

    Or, maybe not?

    And also, I think I may have missed the step between “Keetah is going to the vet and getting some tests” to “Keetah got her arm-leg amputated”. Must…call…Meredith…

  3. Hey Heather…did I mention it rains almost all of the time in Portland?! But it’s even worse when you have the “concrete sky”: when it looks like it’s going to rain with the dark gray layer right over your head, and then it doesn’t even have the dignity to rain.

  4. Inclement weather is so character building. It can only be a good thing. at least that’s what you get told in Northern England…

  5. No, I knew the weather here was wet. And I actually quite like it so far. I like to feign shock at the obvious. It’s a preemptive defense for those scratching their heads over my move. “You had 80 degrees and sun, and you moved to 40 degrees and rain? You’re crazy!” Why not crazy, just ill-informed. I never knew it rains here! Damn!

    See, I’m so funny!

  6. Being watchful for insipid tomato soup is your analog to me worrying I’ll accidentally order lung meat!

  7. “Lung meat”? Sounds dangerous. Please be careful, Len.

  8. Please separate posts about amputated cat limbs and what you’ve had for dinner.

  9. linda cardenas says

    what is up???
    looks like you have left the island?
    well i am a stay at home mom these days- 3 children later.
    in case you forgot about me..we worked together at our favorite spot!
    lots to catch up on. hope you are well!

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