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Getting Settled

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This is a post about closets. I’m not kidding. We have SIX closets in our new apartment. Sssssiiiixxxx closets. We have more closet space in our new place than we had total square footage in our last apartment. I know it takes some audacity to write and post photos about my closet space. Why would closets even be interesting? Why would I write a post about it? Who cares about my closets? This is becoming one of those drivel strewn, self obsessed, masturbatory blogs about my feeeeelings, isn’t it? Yes, it is. And about closets, too.

Right. So, we just spent the past couple of years getting rid of all our crap. Our trajectory with apartments in Portland was going from larger to smaller, from 1100 square feet on Hawthorne, to 860 square feet on Mississippi, to 533 square feet downtown. As we got smaller and smaller, we sold and got rid of more and more stuff. At first it was easy, then it got harder and harder. I had to examine my attachment to my stuff. Did I want to keep something for sentimental reasons? Because I paid a lot for it? Because it still might be useful one day in the future?

And now, we live in 1,600 square feet. It’s ridiculous. We could install a bowling lane down the middle of our house. We have more storage space than God. And after all our downsizing, we still have a remarkable amount of stuff. But our little apartment furniture looks rather spartan in all this space.

Nevertheless, I’m going to show you photos.

The whole front wall of our place has quirky built in shelves. The big middle space is supposed to be for a TV. But ha, we’re hippie weirdos and we don’t have a TV. These are the remainder of our books on these shelves. They are mostly about Oregon, camping, alternative architecture and cook books. We got rid of the other 90% of our books.

Yes, I’m showing you the restroom. Because: 1. It has a window. I’m not in love with glass bricks, but I’m in love with having a window in the bathroom. On a sunny afternoon, it’s flooded with light, and it feels like a real, adult bathroom. I also love, love, love the white washed boards on the ceiling. This feels beachy or cabiny to me, both of which make me very happy.

People. Seriously. This closet is bigger than our entire sleeping area in our last apartment. We don’t even know what to do with this. We have two walls with clothing racks and three built in shelves. As you can tell, this is a work in progress. And this is just one closet. We both have our stuff in here. We have a whole other room, the same size, that is just for Dave. Because his idea of putting things away is to throw them on the floor.

Also, right there, you are looking at the longest kitty tail on the planet.

We have a closet just for camping gear. We have a closet just for towels. We have a whole damned utility room for the vacuum and brooms. We have HIS and HERS coat closets.



You didn’t think I was kidding about “putting away” = “throw on the floor” thing, did you?

And finally, a windowsill full of succulent plants, happy in their new west facing window.

I’ve been tending these little cactus and succulents for a couple years now. I like them because they are like little growing sculptures. They are also the only vaguely vegetal objects I can have in the house that the cat won’t eat and puke up later.

You know what that makes me? It makes me very, very, happy.


  1. O M G. I would love to have that many closets. I would use 5 and John would have one. Also, I am insanely jealous of that bathroom; both ceiling and glass bricks (and counter space, of which we have none). bravo.

  2. I never thought of succulents as a way to have green around without it showing up slimey on the floor some hours later…. This is genius, and I’m stealing it.

    Having space to breathe is not bad. We downsized as much as we felt we could in our shared 640 square feet before moving to our 1,485 house. Our quality of life has improved 12834091824 fold, but we still feel like we’ve made good decisions about our stuff, even though we now have room for more of it.

  3. Meredith says

    Wow! Lot’s of space! Fill with art work!

  4. @shan, we are a bit baffled by all the closets. We just came from a place that had one non-walk in closet, the type you’d have in a non-master bedroom. Dave and I shared it, plus stuffed it full of boxes, camping gear, wrapping paper, luggage, kitty crate, old computers, etc. Now we have all this space, and we just run around flapping our arms.

    @elledee, I LOVE succulents. Kitty has not tried to eat them. I don’t think he realized they are plants. I once saw him running around the house, sort of spazzing out and hallucinating. I thought I might need to take him to the vet. But I realized, he probably got his nose too close to the cactus. I wish I had seen him do it.

    @meredith, I have lots of art to do! We are picking up a bigger table this weekend where I can spread out with my art supplies.

  5. Strangely, I care about your closets. Six?! SIX closets?! No, I’m not jealous. Not at all. When I moved in to my house from an apartment, I actually cried about the lack of storage space. I have three closets, but all three together equal way less than one walk in. Darn 1940s home.

    Also, had to confess that your blog is a new find and I’ve been devouring it. I’m totally entertained by and jealous of your writing style/tone/voice. Not to fear though, I live clear across the country, so chances of rl stalking are quite small.

  6. Thanks, min hus. I collect stalkers, so welcome aboard!

  7. mmmm, space

    two things: masturbatory blogs. never heard that before. but it is sooooo perfect. not for your blog of course, but for some others. and perhaps at time, mine.

    next: “its bigger than my whole apartment… wanna take a bath.” might be dating myself with that reference.

    the photos of the his and hers coat closets could be used as a visual on the difference between men and women, too. i never understood the man-thing about just throwing stuff on the floor. the first time i saw jakes room, the floor was covered, literally covered, with clothes and stuff. i said “behind on your laundry?” he said “no… its all clean”. !!

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