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Having a Fridge Manager Is Awesome

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It seems like, being female, being in my 30s, and being a reasonably good cook, I might have a better handle of what is going on in my fridge. I’m still getting re-accustomed to the absolute luxury of living alone, and I have the reasonable expectation that no one else would be looking in my refrigerator besides me.

I forget what’s in my fridge. There’s not a lot of stuff in there. It’s clean and easy to see everything. I am notoriously Anti-Leftovers. I’ll wrap something up, or I’ll take something home from a restaurant, but I rarely get to it. I can go a whole week without looking in my fridge, except to get cream for my coffee and milk for my cereal and/or cookies.

Frequently, when Dave Knows comes over, he cooks fabulous dinners. As he was using my kitchen, he found something “questionable” in the back corner of my fridge, and he threw it out. I was horrified. I told him to leave that stuff in there! That’s MY gross stuff! I am perfectly capable of dealing with it some other time. Probably sometime in 2008. Maybe 2009.

I was duly ashamed that someone besides me was even LOOKING at my old moldies in the fridge. But I seriously just don’t remember what is in there. I can look into the plastic tubs of dinners past and have not the foggiest recollection what it might have been. Thankfully, I have a lot of tupperware.

Lately he comes over and just gives me updates on what has been thrown out. I’ve become comfortable with it. He’s better at it than I am. You have to know your strengths, you know?


  1. Which reminds me; you should probably discard those three leftover blueberry pancakes . . . they’re in one of those small pink-lidded tupperware thingies.

  2. Those aren’t blueberries…

  3. our fridge? is also empty empty empty. what we need is a fridge STOCKER. forget management. there is nothing to manage! but we could also use a chef.

    however, we always manage to have wine in the fridge. so there’s that.

  4. oh, and i belong to um, march wellness. but if you read my response to your comment on my blog, you’ll learn why. and i suppose i could just type it right here, but that’s just really hard. sort of like going to the gym or hiking outside. SO HARD.

  5. I said “Let’s make White Trash Tacos!” I came home to this…

    White Trash Tacos

    Do you see what I mean? Also, homemade tortilla soup…made with real chicken stock, from a real chicken carcass. This man is clearly more capable of of managing my fridge than me.

  6. He’s a keeper!

  7. How much does DaveKnows charge for this service?

  8. Um. We have a non-disclosure clause in our payment agreement. If you know what I mean.

  9. i think you should keep this guy. in your pocket. and then produce him at key moments to whip up magical magical-ness.

    i once had the desire to keep my chemistry professor in my pocket. he was just SO NICE and also, i was just SO BAD at chemistry.

  10. The way I see it is that meal was designed to CREATE leftovers that would need to be managed.

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