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Tourists In Portland

Last weekend, we went to Portland. Our visit was filled with errands and events. A haircut. A car wash. A Timbers match. A trip to the library, the credit union, and the post office. A fruit beer festival. A milk carton boat race. A trip to the Apple Store, where we blew all our downsizing and frugality cred, and became ever more douchbaggy creative slacker Apple obsessed clich├ęs.

Look at me, getting artsy fartsy with photos of bridges.

If you go north, you can go 45 mph. If you go south, you can go 50 mph.

You can’t see them, but there are cars on this bridge.

Zooming along on a familiar road, with hundreds or thousands of other people doesn’t really inspire contemplation. But seeing the underside, the concrete, the scale, the skeleton…well, it’s artsy. I always enjoy road imagery. I like driving, I like going places. I like that all roads are connected. I like the implied distance of a familiar road, the possibility of a journey.

Sunday was the Milk Carton Boat Race.

A lone monster contemplates the world from his floating dayglo palace.

Local filmmaker and merchant marine Mike Vogel contemplates his victory speech.

No one rocks a milk jug like Mike. Don’t even try it.

These gals are braver than I am.

World domination starts at seven and eight years old. Bravo, girls.

After the milk carton boat race, we went to the Portland Fruit Beer Festival.

Dave contemplates a Bison Brewing’s Belgian Orange Marmalade.

A beer fest list getting damp in the rain. We got both sunburned and rained on in the same day.

Roses and kegs. I couldn’t find a coffee cup, bike or hipster to fit in the photo. But the subtlety makes it more artsy, you know?

We’re good at visiting Portland.


  1. I often champion the graceful beauty of the Fremont bridge, an underrated gem among Portland’s lovely river-spanning architecture. Your pictures completely support my thesis. Splendid!
    (Plus, that’s a fantastic picture of the young paddlers.)

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend! I would’ve loved to sample some of those libations – the beer alone is one of the many things I loved (and anticipated beforehand) about visiting Portland. Great pictures!

  3. You should have a gallery of pictures of Dave in that same pose, drinking a beer, slight smirk at the camera… neat bridge pictures! I love large structure pictures- bridges, boats, planes!

  4. Must have been something in the air. We got a macbook over the weekend. We did that because we’re simultaneously trying to buy a house and doesn’t shelling out $900 on technology make perfect sense?

    And one of these years we’re going to make it out to the milk carton race, I just know it!

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