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The Furry Bastard Rides Anew

For a teasingly short, brief amount of time, my cat stopped being an insufferable pain in the ass. He was quiet at night. He curled up by my side, instead of roosting his furry 12 pounds on my ribcage as I slept. He was affectionate and sweet. He seemed not so interested in knocking books and cellphones and glasses of water off my bedside table in the middle of the night.

He was such a good kitty for that short amount of time, that I worried something was wrong with him. The sudden lack of utter bastardness was disorienting and made me wonder if he might not be feeling well. He was so calm. But he was as bright and cute as ever. I realized I love my kitty so much more when he is well behaved. I slept like a baby for a few nights, and all was right in the world.

This sheer bliss was not to last, of course. I’m not sure what triggers his little walnut brain, but it got switched back to psycho bastard mode. One theory is the heat makes my cat sleep all day. It’s been really hot for the past couple of days, 101 Thursday, and up to 104 today. Gah.

After the heat of the day, when it’s a still slightly uncomfortable 80 degrees at 2 in the morning, the cat is well rested and ready to use my head as a trampoline. There are times he jumps on the bed just for the joy of bounding around. He’s just making sure I’m awake. Awesome. I wonder if he’d like hanging out in the freezer for a while.


  1. at 6 this morning, one of our two little furry bastards decided to pick up her feather toy with the jingle bell and yeowl around the house, shaking it at intervals, and drag it into the bedroom. i tell myself it’s because she loves us.

  2. Sounds like you have found a candidate for night time fridge manager.

  3. My cat might like a dip in the ocean, if we have another night like the first in the new place. As soon as I shooed her away, she ran right back to the bedroom door meowing, and rubbing against everything. I got a squirt bottle finally.

  4. i leave food in the bowls when i go to bed. plenty. Kia wakes me up at 5:30, then 5:15, then (the other day when i have to get out of bed at 5:30) she wakes me at 4:45!!! she sits as close to my ear as possible, purring. if that doesn’t wake me (i am a light sleeper), she reaches out, gently, and places her paw on my cheek. so cute. in the abstract. if that fails to awaken, she extends her razor sharp daggers, that she just spent 5 minutes honing on back deck. if, by some miracle, i am still not awake, she pulls those claws downward… there is a pen and ink short film somewhere on the web that illustrates this exact bhavior. but i think it ends with the cat hitting his sleeping human with a bat.

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