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Travel Tuesdayish: Manzanita and Hug Point

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Sort of Travel Tuesday. I realize it’s not Tuesday. I don’t think we even made this trip on a Tuesday. But work with me here, our days just all blend together.

On a gorgeous day last week, we hopped in the car and headed south to Manzanita. We’ve driven by many times, but never pulled off 101. We drove through a grove of salt box cottages and cabins with cedar clapboards. For some reason, as we drove through the little village, I saw more Saabs in five minutes than I usually seen in half a year. I saw two Saabs that were exactly the same parked right next to each other. Same model, same year, same color. It was like we entered a weird little Swedish cult village.

The ocean at the foot of the road was teal and deep cobalt.

We spent half a day strolling through the shops and boutiques. We stopped into Ekahni Books and I got the book The Unthinkable about disaster preparedness. Because that is what I am thinking about when I go to the beach. We were pleased to see two little independent bookstores in this village with 750 year round residents. We got a cup of ice cream and sat in the dunes and let the bright sun bake our faces.

On our way back north, pulled over to check out Hug Point. Dave informed me that the entirety of the Oregon coast has public access since back in the day, when the beach was the only way to travel on the coast. It was designated as a right of way. Hug Point allowed only narrow access even at low tide, so vehicles had to hug the trail.

The Oregon Coast is pretty ridiculous, yo.

I’m not really sure how they ever got vehicles through here.

Every one of the beaches we’ve visited this year have been great for beach combing, exploring rocks and caves, picking through tide pools, watching waterfalls and creeks drain out of the hills into the ocean. I’m not sure if I will ever “swim” in the ocean at these beaches. I might dip my toes in.

But it’s awful purdy to look at.

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