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Feeding My Paranoia

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Just as I got a rocking chair to read books in, I got this book in the mail from the Multnomah County Library.

Cascadia’s Fault: The Coming Earthquake and Tsunami That Could Devastate North America

Right! This is just what I need! It’s not just that I like to scare the crap out of myself, I truly am fascinated by geology, volcanoes and plate tectonics. I also love to learn all I can about local topography and natural history. I’m such a dork for geology, Dave got me this map and it hangs behind my desk (available from Nature of the Northwest, which is a neat site).

It’s not just that I want to freak my own shit out, even though we went to the OMSI Science Pub on the Cascadia Subduction Zone a while ago and it pretty much freaked my shit out. I don’t want to be scared, I just want to know. Everyone lives someplace that has a risk for some kind of natural disaster, either earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes or zombies. We can’t all live in fear. I remember when I first moved to California, I dreaded being in traffic, stuck under a bridge or overpass. I figured if an earthquake happened right then, I’d be smooshed. But then I got used to living in earthquake country. And every little local temblor or quake was a fun novelty.

So I don’t want to be scared, but I don’t want to be ignorant or dumb, either. Being dumb is dumb. So I’ll just curl up in my new old reading chair and read disaster porn. And then when the cat jumps on the bed in the middle of the night, I’ll die of a heart attack because I think it’s the “Big One” going off. I’m smart.

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